Uradni list

Številka 110
Uradni list RS, št. 110/1999 z dne 30. 12. 1999
Uradni list

Uradni list RS, št. 110/1999 z dne 30. 12. 1999


101. Zakon o ratifikaciji Okvirnega sporazuma o posojilu med Republiko Slovenijo in Skladom Sveta Evrope za socialni razvoj (MOSSERS), stran 1299.

Na podlagi druge alinee prvega odstavka 107. člena in prvega odstavka 91. člena Ustave Republike Slovenije izdajam
Razglašam Zakon o ratifikaciji okvirnega Sporazuma o posojilu med Republiko Slovenijo in Skladom Sveta Evrope za socialni razvoj (MOSSERS), ki ga je sprejel Državni zbor Republike Slovenije na seji 21. decembra 1999.
Št. 001-22-189/99
Ljubljana, 29. decembra 1999
Republike Slovenije
Milan Kučan l. r.
1. člen
Ratificira se Okvirni sporazum o posojilu med Republiko Slovenijo in Skladom Sveta Evrope za socialni razvoj, sklenjen dne 21. maja 1999 v Ljubljani.
2. člen
Okvirni sporazum o posojilu se v angleškem izvirniku in slovenskem prevodu glasi:
Fund/Project 1241 (1996)
Framework Loan Agreement
The COUNCIL OF EUROPE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (hereinafter called the “Fund“), Paris, on the one hand,
and the REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA (hereinafter called the “Borrower“), on the other hand,
– Having regard to the application of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia dated on 12 December 1996,
– Having regard to the Resolution of the Administrative Council of the Fund: 1417 (1997),
– Having regard to the Third Additional Protocol to the General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe;
– Having regard to the articles of the Loan Regulations of the Fund dated October 6, 1970.
Article 1
This loan is granted under the general conditions of the current Loan Regulations of the Fund and under the special conditions fixed by this agreement and its appendices.
Article 2: The Project
The Fund grants to the Borrower, who accepts, a loan for the partial financing of the Fund/Project 1241 (1996) approved by the Fund’s Administrative Council in January 1997 and concerning the construction and rehabilitation of educational infrastructure throughout Slovenia.
This loan is granted by the Fund in consideration of the commitment that the Borrower is making to apply it solely to financing the project described in Appendix 1, and to carry out such project under the conditions which are detailed in the said Appendix.
Any change to the way the loan is applied that has not received the Fund’s approval may lead to the suspension, cancellation or immediate repayability of the loan, under the terms of Article 13 of the Loan Regulations.
Article 3: The Loan
3.1 Financial conditions
The amount of the loan granted is equivalent to:
Nine billion one hundred ninety four million two hundred eight thousand eight hundred Slovenian Tolar
Each instalment of the loan shall be for a period of no more than 10 years, with the 5 years grace period. The principal, interest rate, currency, duration and disbursement date shall be decided by mutual agreement, for each instalment, between the Borrower and the Fund by confirmed telex or fax. The account to which the disbursements shall be paid, shall be communicated in due time to the Fund by the Borrower.
3.2. Interest rate
In accordance with article 3.1, the interest rate for each instalment to be determined by way of mutual agreement between the borrower and the Fund at the time of such instalment, will be established in accordance with market conditions prevailing at the time for amounts and maturities corresponding to the amount and maturity of the instalment, in the currency selected by the Borrower, subject to availability. The interest rate offered by the Fund will be fixed (semi-annual interest payments, day-count fraction 30/360) or floating (based on 3 months LIBOR, quarterly interest payments, day-count fraction actual/360), as agreed between the Borrower and the Fund.
3.3. Disbursement
A Supplementary Agreement to the present Framework Agreement specifying the details will be determined between the Borrower and the Fund, for each instalment at the time of its disbursement (Appendix 2).
3.4. Mobilisation
In order to mobilise the loan, the Borrower shall send to the Fund in due time a Promissory Note corresponding to each instalment (Appendix 3). Prior to an eventual transfer of the Promissory Note by the Fund, a notice will be given to the Borrower by the Fund.
The Promissory Note is made out and payable in the currency of the instalment.
3.5. Domicile
All the sums due by the Borrower under this loan are payable to the Fund in the currency of each instalment to the bank and account number communicated to the Borrower by the Fund at the time of each instalment, with telex or fax notice to be sent to the Fund by the Bank charged by the Borrower with payment, at least five working days before each payment.
3.6. Dates
The provisions of Article 3 are subject to the agreement “Modified Following Business Day“, the definition of which is to be found in Appendix 4 to the present agreement (“Business Day“ in the country of the currency).
Article 4: Monitoring the loan and the project
4.1. Use of the loan
Each instalment must be used by the Borrower for financing the project within 12 months after its disbursement by the Fund.
4.2. Implementation of the project
The Borrower shall apply all care and diligence, and shall exercise all typically used means, in particular financial, technical, social, and managerial means and those concerning environmental protection, which shall be necessary for the proper implementation of the project.
In particular, it shall ensure - before the project is implemented - that all the financing, land and real property rights which are necessary therefor are available and that all assets and plant are permanently insured and maintained.
The Borrower undertakes, moreover, that:
- the project complies with the relevant Council of Europe conventions;
- the project respects the environment, on the basis of relevant international conventions;
- partial financing by the Fund does not exceed 40% of the total cost of the project, excluding taxes, interest and financial charges.
- investments higher than the contra value of 10 million ECU shall be subject to international calls for tender.
4.3. Borrower’s Reports
4.3.1. Project progress reports
At least once a year, from the disbursement of the loan up until the completion of the entire project, the Borrower shall send to the Fund a report detailing:
- the state of use of the loan;
- the progress of the project’s financing plan;
- the progress of the project itself;
- project management details.
Appendix 5 specifies the model monitoring sheet for the loan and the project that must – as a minimum – be included.
4.3.2. Project completion report
At the completion of the entire project, the Borrower shall present in a final report, the project’s economic, financial, social and environmental effects.
4.4. Information provision to the Fund
The Borrower shall keep accounting records concerning the project, which shall be in conformity with international standards, which shall show, at any point, the project’s state of progress, and which shall record all operations made, and financially identify works, goods and services financed with the help of the present loan.
The Borrower undertakes to favourably receive any reasonable information missions carried out by employees of the Fund or outside consultants hired by the Fund, and to provide all the necessary co-operation for their information mission, by facilitating any possible visits to the site of the project. In particular, the Fund may have an on-site audit of the project’s accounting carried out by one or more consultants of its choice at the Borrower’s expense in the case of default by the Borrower in respect of any of its obligations under the present loan.
Article 5: The end of the Borrower’s obligations
The payment of the due amount stipulated on the Promissory Note releases the Borrower from its obligations as defined in Article 3 above.
After the full sum of the principal of this loan, and all interest and other expenses resulting therefrom, in particular those sums under Articles 6 and 7 below, have been duly paid, the Borrower shall be fully released from its obligations towards the Fund, with the exception of those set out in Article 4 above.
Article 6: Interest for delay
Notwithstanding any other recourse available to the Fund under the present agreement and the Loan Regulations, or otherwise, if the Borrower does not pay all interest or any other sum payable under the present agreement at the latest on the due date specified, the Borrower must pay additional interest on the sum due and not fully paid, at the one-month LIBOR rate for the currency of the late payment as of the due date (if Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday, the first following working day) at 11 a.m. (local time in London), plus 2.5% per annum, as of the due date of this sum until the date of actual payment. The applicable one-month LIBOR rate shall be updated every 30 days.
Article 7: Associated costs
All duties and taxes of all kinds, due and paid, and all expenses resulting either from the conclusion, execution, liquidation, cancellation or suspension of this agreement, in all or in part, or from the guarantee or refinancing of the loan granted, together with all judicial or extra-judicial deeds having this loan as their origin, shall be borne by the Borrower.
However, the provisions of Article 25 of Chapter 4 of the Loan Regulations of the Fund shall apply regarding the costs of the arbitration procedure mentioned in said Chapter 4.
Article 8: Securities
The Borrower declares that no other commitment has been made or will be made in the future, which might give a third party a preferential rank, a preferential right of payment, a collateral or guarantee of any nature whatsoever which might confer enhanced rights upon third parties (hereinafter “security“).
If such a security were nevertheless granted to a third party, the Borrower agrees to form or supply an identical security in favour of the Fund or, where it is hindered in doing so, an equivalent security, and to stipulate the formation of such a security in favour of the Fund.
Failure to comply with these provisions would represent a case of default as laid down in Article 13-h of Chapter 3 of the Loan Regulations of the Fund and may give rise to the suspension, cancellation or immediate repayability of the loan.
Article 9: Relations with third parties
The Borrower may not raise any fact relating, within the scope of the use of the loan, to its relations with third parties in order to avoid fulfilling, either totally or partially, the obligations resulting from this agreement.
The Fund may not be involved in disputes which might arise between the Borrower and third parties and the costs, whatever their nature, incurred by the Fund due to any challenge, and in particular all legal or court costs, shall be at the expense of the Borrower.
Article 10: Entry into force
This agreement shall enter into force after its ratification by the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia, the day following its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia.
Article 11: Applicable law
This agreement and the negotiable securities relating thereto shall be governed by the rules of the Fund as specified in the provisions of Article 1, paragraph 3, of the Third Additional Protocol dated 6 March 1959 to the General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe dated 2 September 1949 and, secondarily, if necessary, by French law.
Disputes between the parties to this agreement shall be subject to arbitration under the conditions laid down in Chapter 4 of the Loan Regulations of the Fund.
Article 12: Interpretation of the agreement
The Borrower states that it has taken note of the Loan Regulations of the Fund, and have received a copy thereof.
Where there is a contradiction between any provision whatsoever of the Loan Regulations of the Fund and any provision whatsoever of this agreement, the provision of this agreement shall prevail.
The headings of the paragraphs, sections, and chapters of the present agreement shall not serve for its interpretation.
In no case shall it be presumed that the Fund has tacitly waived any right granted to it by the present agreement.
Article 13: Execution of an arbitration award
The contracting parties agree not to take advantage of any privilege, immunity or legislation before any jurisdictional or other authority, whether domestic or international, in order to object to the enforcement of an award handed down in the conditions laid down in Chapter 4 of the Loan Regulations of the Fund.
Article 14: Representations and Warranties
The Borrower represents and warrants:
– that its competent bodies have authorised it to make the present agreement and have given the signatory(ies) the authorisation therefor, in accordance with the laws, decrees, regulations, articles of association, and other texts applicable to it;
– that the drawing up and execution of the present agreement does not contravene the laws, decrees, regulations, articles of association, and other texts applicable to it and that all the permits, licences, and authorisations necessary therefor have been obtained and shall remain valid for the entire loan period.
Any change in relation to the above representations and warranties must, for the entire loan period, be notified to the Fund immediately, and any supporting documents provided.
Article 15
This agreement is drawn up in 2 originals, each of which is equally valid.
One original is kept by each of the contracting parties.
Ljubljana on 21 May 1999
Mitja Gaspari, (s)
Paris on 28 October 1998
Mr. Martin Murtfeld, (s)
1st Vice-Governor
sklad/projekt 1241(1996)
Okvirni sporazum o posojilu
SKLAD SVETA EVROPE ZA SOCIALNI RAZVOJ (v nadaljevanju “sklad“), Pariz, na eni strani
in REPUBLIKA SLOVENIJA (v nadaljevanju “posojilojemalka“) na drugi strani sta se
– ob upoštevanju prošnje Vlade Republike Slovenije z dne 12. decembra 1996,
– ob upoštevanju sklepa administrativnega sveta sklada, 1417 (1997),
– ob upoštevanju Tretjega dodatnega protokola k Splošnemu sporazumu o privilegijih in imunitetah Sveta Evrope;
– ob upoštevanju členov Pravilnika o posojilih sklada z dne 6. oktobra 1970
1. člen
To posojilo se dodeli pod splošnimi pogoji veljavnega Pravilnika o posojilih sklada in pod posebnimi pogoji, določenimi v tem sporazumu in njegovih dodatkih.
2. člen: projekt
Sklad odobri posojilojemalki posojilo, ki ga najame za delno financiranje projekta sklada št. 1241 (1996), ki ga je odobril administrativni svet sklada v januarju 1997 in je namenjen gradnji in obnovi šolske infrastrukture v vsej Sloveniji.
Sklad odobri to posojilo ob upoštevanju zaveze posojilojemalke, da ga bo porabila izključno za financiranje projekta, opisanega v dodatku št. 1, in za izvedbo projekta pod pogoji, ki so podrobno navedeni v omenjenem dodatku.
Kakršna koli sprememba načina uporabe posojila, ki je sklad ne odobri, ima lahko za posledico začasno ustavitev, preklic ali takojšnje odplačilo posojila pod pogoji iz 13. člena Pravilnika o posojilih.
3. člen: posojilo
3.1 Finančni pogoji
Znesek odobrenega posojila znaša: SIT
devet milijard sto štiriindevetdeset milijonov dvesto osem tisoč osemsto slovenskih tolarjev
Vsak črpan znesek posojila velja za obdobje, ki ni daljše od desetih (10) let s petletnim (5) moratorijem. Glavnica, obrestna mera, valuta, trajanje in datum črpanja bodo za vsak črpan znesek s potrjenim teleksom ali telefaksom sporazumno dogovorjeni med posojilojemalko in skladom. Račun, na katerega bodo izplačila nakazana, posojilojemalka pravočasno sporoči skladu.
3.2 Obrestna mera
V skladu s členom 3.1 se bo obrestna mera za vsako nakazilo, za katero se posojilojemalka in sklad sporazumeta za vsak znesek posebej ob njegovem črpanju, uskladila s tržnimi pogoji, ki tedaj veljajo za vsote in ročnosti v odvisnosti od dejanske vsote in ročnosti izbrane valute črpanega zneska, in sicer glede na razpoložljivost valute, ki jo izbere posojilojemalka. Obrestna mera, ki jo ponudi sklad, je stalna (polletno plačilo obresti, število obračunskih dni 30/360) ali spremenljiva (temelječa na trimesečni obrestni meri LIBOR, četrtletnem plačilu obresti, številu obračunskih dni dejansko/360), kot sta se dogovorila posojilojemalka in sklad.
3.3 Črpanje posojila
Posojilojemalka in sklad bosta za vsak črpan znesek posebej ob njegovem izplačilu sklenila dopolnilni sporazum k temu okvirnemu sporazumu (dodatek št. 2), v katerem bodo določene vse podrobnosti.
3.4 Sprostitev sredstev
Da bi omogočila sprostitev posojila, posojilojemalka skladu ob vsakem črpanju pravočasno pošlje zadolžnico, ki ustreza črpanemu znesku (dodatek št. 3). Pred morebitnim prenosom zadolžnice bo sklad o tem obvestil posojilojemalko. Zadolžnica je napisana in plačljiva v valuti črpanega zneska.
3.5 Domicil
Posojilojemalka vse dolgovane zneske v zvezi s tem posojilom odplača skladu v valuti črpanja posameznega zneska z nakazilom banki na bančni račun, ki ga sklad sporoči posojilojemalki ob črpanju tega zneska; banka, ki ji je posojilojemalka naložila izvršitev plačil, o nameravanem plačilu po teleksu ali telefaksu obvesti sklad vsaj pet delovnih dni pred vsakim plačilom.
3.6 Datumi
Za določbe 3. člena velja dogovor ״o spremenjenem naslednjem poslovnem dnevu״, opredeljenem v dodatku št. 4 k temu sporazumu (״poslovni dan״ v državi valute plačila).
4. člen: spremljanje in nadziranje posojila in projekta
4.1 Uporaba posojila
Posojilojemalka mora vsak črpan znesek, ki ga nakaže sklad, v dvanajstih mesecih po črpanju uporabiti za financiranje projekta.
4.2 Izvajanje projekta
Posojilojemalka bo ravnala skrbno in vestno ter uporabila vsa običajno uporabljana, zlasti finančna, tehnična, družbena in upravljavska sredstva ter sredstva za varstvo okolja, ki so potrebna za ustrezno izvajanje projekta.
Pred začetkom izvajanja projekta zagotovi zlasti, da so na voljo vse potrebne finančne, zemljiške in nepremičninske pravice in da so vsa sredstva in naprave ves čas zavarovane in vzdrževane.
Poleg tega se posojilojemalka zaveže, da:
– bo projekt v skladu z ustreznimi konvencijami Sveta Evrope;
– bo spoštoval okolje na podlagi ustreznih mednarodnih konvencij;
– delno financiranje sklada ne bo preseglo 40% celotnih stroškov projekta brez davkov, obresti in finančnih stroškov;
– bo za naložbe, ki presegajo protivrednost 10 milijonov ekujev, objavljen mednarodni razpis.
4.3 Poročila posojilojemalke
4.3.1 Poročila o poteku projekta
Od začetka črpanja posojila do dokončanja celotnega projekta bo posojilojemalka vsaj enkrat letno skladu poslala poročilo, v katerem bo navedla:
– izkoriščenost posojila;
– potek finančnega načrta projekta;
– potek samega projekta;
– podrobnosti o vodenju projekta.
Dodatek št. 5 določa vzorec obrazca za spremljanje in nadziranje posojila in projekta, ki mora biti kot minimum vključen v poročilo.
4.3.2 Poročilo o dokončanju projekta
Ob dokončanju celotnega projekta bo posojilojemalka v zaključnem poročilu predstavila gospodarske, finančne, družbene učinke in učinke projekta na okolje.
4.4. Obveščanje sklada
Posojilojemalka bo vodila računovodske evidence o projektu, ki bodo skladne z mednarodnimi standardi in iz katerih bo v vsakem trenutku razviden potek projekta in v katerih bodo evidentirani vsi opravljeni posli in finančno opredeljena dela, blago in storitve, ki se financirajo s pomočjo tega posojila.
Posojilojemalka se zavezuje, da bo sprejela in podprla vse upravičene poizvedbene misije, ki jih opravljajo uslužbenci sklada ali zunanji svetovalci, ki jih najame sklad, in sodelovala pri izvedbi njihovih poizvedbenih misij tako, da jim bo omogočila morebitne obiske projekta na kraju samem. Predvsem pa lahko sklad izvede računovodsko revizijo projekta na kraju samem s pomočjo enega ali več svetovalcev po lastni izbiri in v breme posojilojemalke, če je slednja kršila obveznosti iz tega posojila.
5. člen: prenehanje posojilojemalkinih obveznosti
S plačilom dolgovanega zneska, navedenega v zadolžnici, prenehajo obveznosti posojilojemalke, opredeljene v 3. členu.
Po plačilu celotnega zneska glavnice, vseh obresti in drugih stroškov, ki izvirajo iz tega posojila, zlasti zneskov iz 6. in 7. člena, odplačanih na način, kot se zahteva, bo posojilojemalka v celoti prosta obveznosti do sklada, razen tistih, ki so določene v 4. členu.
6. člen: zamudne obresti
Ne glede na katero koli drugo pravico do regresa, ki jo sklad uživa po tem sporazumu in Pravilniku o posojilih ali kako drugače, mora posojilojemalka, če ne plača vseh obresti ali katerega koli drugega zneska, ki ga je dolžna plačati po tem sporazumu najpozneje do dneva zapadlosti, plačati dodatne obresti na zapadle, a še ne v celoti odplačane zneske, po enomesečni obrestni meri LIBOR, ki velja za valuto zakasnelega plačila na dan njegove zapadlosti (če je to sobota, nedelja ali v banki dela prost dan, prvi naslednji delovni dan) ob 11. uri dopoldne (po londonskem času), in še 2,5% letnih obresti od dne zapadlosti tega zneska do dne dejanskega odplačila. Veljavna enomesečna obrestna mera LIBOR se določa vsakih 30 dni.
7. člen: drugi stroški
Dajatve in davki vseh vrst, zapadli in plačani, in prav tako vsi stroški, ki izhajajo iz sklepanja, izvrševanja, likvidacije, preklica ali začasne ustavitve izvajanja tega sporazuma, bodisi v celoti ali delno, ali iz garancij ali refinanciranja dodeljenega posojila skupaj z vsemi sodnimi ali izvensodnimi akti, ki izhajajo iz tega posojila, bremenijo posojilojemalko.
Vendar se določbe 25. člena 4. poglavja Pravilnika o posojilih sklada uporabljajo za stroške arbitražnega postopka, omenjenega v tem 4. poglavju.
8. člen: zavarovanja
Posojilojemalka izjavlja, da ni in v prihodnje ne bo sprejela nobene druge obveznosti, ki bi tretji osebi zagotovila ugodnejši položaj, ugodnejše pravice plačila, kakršno koli poroštvo ali garancijo, kar bi tretjim osebam zagotavljalo ugodnejše pravice (v nadaljevanju “zavarovanje“).
Če posojilojemalka kljub temu tretji osebi da zavarovanje, soglaša, da bo v korist sklada pripravila ali zagotovila enako zavarovanje oziroma, kadar to ni mogoče, enakovredno zavarovanje in da se bo zavezala za oblikovanje takega zavarovanja v korist sklada.
Neupoštevanje teh določb bi pomenilo kršitev, opredeljeno v členu 13 h) 3. poglavja Pravilnika o posojilih sklada, in je lahko vzrok za začasno ustavitev, preklic ali takojšnje odplačilo posojila.
9. člen: odnosi s tretjimi osebami
V okviru porabe posojila se posojilojemalka ne sme sklicevati na nobeno dejstvo v zvezi s svojimi odnosi s tretjimi osebami, da bi se v celoti ali delno izognila obveznostim, ki izhajajo iz tega sporazuma.
Sklad se ne sme vključiti v spore, ki bi lahko nastali med posojilojemalko in tretjimi osebami; stroški kakršne koli narave, ki jih ima sklad zaradi kakršnega koli spora, zlasti pa vsi pravni ali sodni stroški, bremenijo posojilojemalko.
10. člen: začetek veljavnosti
Ta sporazum začne veljati po ratifikaciji v Državnem zboru Republike Slovenije, in sicer naslednji dan po objavi v Uradnem listu Republike Slovenije.
11. člen: uporaba prava
Za ta sporazum in prenosljive vrednostne papirje v zvezi z njim se uporabljajo pravila sklada, kot je določeno v tretjem odstavku 1. člena Tretjega dodatnega protokola z dne 6. marca 1959 k Splošnemu sporazumu o privilegijih in imunitetah Sveta Evrope z dne 2. septembra 1949 in podrejeno po potrebi francosko pravo.
Spore med pogodbenicama tega sporazuma rešuje arbitraža pod pogoji, določenimi v 4. poglavju Pravilnika o posojilih sklada.
12. člen: razlaga sporazuma
Posojilojemalka izjavlja, da je seznanjena s Pravilnikom o posojilih sklada in da je prejela kopijo pravilnika.
Če pride do neskladja med katero koli določbo Pravilnika o posojilih sklada in katero koli določbo tega sporazuma, prevladajo določbe tega sporazuma.
Naslovi odstavkov, razdelkov in poglavij tega sporazuma se ne uporabljajo za njegovo razlago.
V nobenem primeru se ne domneva, da se je sklad molče odpovedal kakršni koli pravici, ki mu je priznana s tem sporazumom.
13. člen: izvršitev arbitražne sodbe
Pogodbenici se strinjata, da se ne bosta sklicevali na noben privilegij, imuniteto ali zakonodajo pred kakršno koli pravosodno ali drugo oblastjo, bodisi domačo ali mednarodno, da bi ugovarjali izvršitvi razsodbe, sprejete pod pogoji, določenimi v 4. poglavju Pravilnika o posojilih sklada.
14. člen: izjave in jamstva
Posojilojemalka izjavlja in jamči:
– da so jo njeni pristojni organi pooblastili za sklenitev tega sporazuma in da so podpisniku(-om) v ta namen dali pooblastilo v skladu z zakoni, odloki, uredbami in pravilniki, statuti ter drugimi besedili, ki se v tej zvezi uporabljajo;
– da sestava in izvajanje tega sporazuma nista v nasprotju z zakoni, odloki, uredbami in pravilniki, statuti ter drugimi besedili, ki se v tej zvezi uporabljajo, in da so bila pridobljena vsa potrebna dovoljenja, licence in pooblastila, ki bodo veljala vse posojilno obdobje.
V vsem posojilnem obdobju je treba vsako spremembo v zvezi z zgoraj omenjenimi izjavami in jamstvi nemudoma sporočiti skladu in mu poslati vso ustrezno dokumentacijo.
15. člen
Ta sporazum je sestavljen v dveh izvirnikih, ki sta enako veljavna.
Vsaka pogodbenica obdrži en izvirnik.
Ljubljana, dne 21. maja 1999
Mitja Gaspari l. r.
Pariz, dne 28. oktobra 1998
g. Martin Murtfeld l. r.
prvi viceguverner
3. člen
Za izvajanje tega Okvirnega sporazuma o posojilu skrbi Ministrstvo za finance.
4. člen
Ta zakon začne veljati naslednji dan po objavi v Uradnem listu Republike Slovenije – Mednarodne pogodbe.
Št. 440-03/99-99/1
Ljubljana, dne 21. decembra 1999
Državnega zbora
Republike Slovenije
Janez Podobnik, dr. med. l. r.