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Uradni list RS, št. 41/2016 z dne 10. 6. 2016
Uradni list

Uradni list RS, št. 41/2016 z dne 10. 6. 2016


21. Zakon o ratifikaciji Poroštvene pogodbe med Republiko Slovenijo in Evropsko investicijsko banko (avtoceste IX) (MPEIBAC), stran 233.

Na podlagi druge alinee prvega odstavka 107. člena in prvega odstavka 91. člena Ustave Republike Slovenije izdajam
U K A Z 
o razglasitvi Zakona o ratifikaciji Poroštvene pogodbe med Republiko Slovenijo in Evropsko investicijsko banko (avtoceste IX) (MPEIBAC) 
Razglašam Zakon o ratifikaciji Poroštvene pogodbe med Republiko Slovenijo in Evropsko investicijsko banko (avtoceste IX) (MPEIBAC), ki ga je sprejel Državni zbor Republike Slovenije na seji dne 19. maja 2016.
Št. 003-02-4/2016-12
Ljubljana, dne 27. maja 2016
Borut Pahor l.r.
Republike Slovenije 
Z A K O N 
1. člen
Ratificira se Poroštvena pogodba med Republiko Slovenijo in Evropsko investicijsko banko (avtoceste IX), sklenjena v Ljubljani 18. aprila 2016.
2. člen 
Poroštvena pogodba se v izvirniku v angleškem jeziku ter prevodu v slovenskem jeziku glasi*:
* Obrazec 1 (Obrazec zahtevka) ter priloga I (Sodno overjen prevod ustreznih določb slovenskega zakona o poroštvu v angleški jezik) in priloga II (Predloga pravnega mnenja o tej poroštveni pogodbi, ki ga izda ustrezno pooblaščena oseba porokovega državnega pravobranilstva) so na vpogled v Sektorju za mednarodno pravo Ministrstva za zunanje zadeve in Sektorju za mednarodne finančne odnose Ministrstva za finance.
FI N° 84.510 (SL)
SERAPIS N° 2014-0595
Highways IX
Guarantee Agreement
(Acte de cautionnement solidaire)
between the 
Republic of Slovenia
and the 
European Investment Bank
Luxembourg, 21 March 2016 
Ljubljana, 18 April 2016 
The Republic of Slovenia, acting through the Ministry of Finance, represented by the Minister of Finance, Mr Dušan Mramor,
(the “Guarantor")
of the first part, and
European Investment Bank having its Head Office at 100, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, Luxembourg, L-2950 Luxembourg, represented by the Head of Division, Mr Massimo Novo, and the Deputy Head of Division, Mr Jean-Marc Martin,
(the “Bank", and together with the Bank,
hereinafter the “Parties” and each the “Party”)
of the second part.
1) By an agreement (hereinafter called the "Finance Contract") signed in Ljubljana on 12 June 2015 between the Bank and Družba za avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji d.d. (the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia, the “Borrower”), the Bank has agreed to establish in favour of the Borrower a credit in a principal amount of EUR 145,000,000.00 (one hundred and forty five million euros) to be used to finance a project for (i) the construction of a new motorway section between Draženci and Gruškovje on the A4 / E59 motorway, (ii) the upgrading of the Šmarje – Sap interchange on the A2 motorway, and (iii) investment in electro-mechanical equipment, intelligent transport systems, control centres and measures for the increase in road safety across the motorway network (the "Project"). The Project is more particularly described in the Technical Description set out in Schedule A.1 of the Finance Contract.
2) The obligations of the Bank under the Finance Contract are conditional, inter alia, upon (i) the execution, delivery by the Guarantor and continuing operation of a guarantee of performance by the Borrower of its financial obligations under the Finance Contract under this joint and several guarantee (acte de cautionnement solidaire) (hereinafter this “Guarantee Agreement”) and (ii) the delivery of a legal opinion issued by the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Slovenia, as mentioned below.
3) The Guarantor hereby grants a joint and several guarantee under the terms of this Guarantee Agreement.
4) Execution of this Guarantee Agreement has been authorised by the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia and a certified English translation of the relevant provisions of the relevant law is attached hereto as Annex I.
5) A duly authorised officer of the Attorney General’s Office of the Guarantor will issue a legal opinion on this Guarantee Agreement in the form and substance satisfactory to the Bank (as set out in Annex II), as a condition to disbursement by the Bank under the Finance Contract.
6) The Guarantor has ensured that the Guarantee provided under this Guarantee Agreement is in compliance with the European Union (“EU”) Treaty provisions on state aid and the secondary legislation relating thereto.
7) The Parties hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that the Guarantee is a joint and several guarantee (cautionnement solidaire) governed by articles 2011 et seq. of the Civil Code (as defined below) and subject to the terms and conditions set out below.
8) The Guarantor hereby expressly acknowledges and agrees that the Guarantee is of a commercial nature (cautionnement commercial), as opposed to a guarantee of a civil nature (cautionnement civil).
9) Terms used in this Guarantee Agreement and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Finance Contract.
NOW THEREFORE it is hereby agreed as follows:
Terms of the Finance Contract 
The Guarantor acknowledges and expressly confirms that it is fully aware of, and accepts, the terms, conditions and clauses of the Finance Contract, a copy of which, as signed by the parties thereto, has been delivered to the Guarantor by the Bank.
Terms defined in the Finance Contract shall have the same meaning in this Guarantee Agreement. References herein to Articles, Paragraphs, Recitals, Schedules and Annexes are, save if explicitly stipulated otherwise, references respectively to articles and paragraphs of, recitals, schedules and annexes to, this Guarantee Agreement. Furthermore, it is expressly agreed that references herein to the Finance Contract shall not be construed, in any circumstances, as affecting the unconditional and irrevocable nature of the present Guarantee.
Additionally, in this Guarantee Agreement: 
Guarantee” has the meaning given to it in Article 2.01.
Guaranteed Sums” has the meaning given to it in Article 2.01.
Guarantee and Undertakings by the Guarantor 
The Guarantor, as surety and by way of this cautionnement solidaire, hereby irrevocably, unconditionally and jointly and severally guarantees to the Bank entirely the full, punctual and irrevocable performance of all the monetary obligations of the Borrower under the Finance Contract and irrevocably and unconditionally undertakes to pay to the Bank all sums which the Bank may claim under the Finance Contract including in respect of principal monies, interest without any limitation, interest on overdue payments, fees, indemnities, commissions, incidental charges, and other expenses and all the sums being due by the Borrower to the Bank under any provision of the Finance Contract (each amount so guaranteed being a “Guaranteed Sum” and together the a “Guaranteed Sums”) up to a maximum amount of EUR 174,000,000.00 (one hundred and seventy four million euros) (the “Guarantee”).
If the Borrower fails to pay any sum on the due date, as well as in the event of the Borrower being involved in proceedings of any kind whatsoever (other than in respect of the validity of any monetary obligation of the Borrower underthe Finance Contract) which are likely to affect its payment obligations towards the Bank under the Finance Contract, the Guarantor waives the right to invoke the benefit of the term and undertakes, upon simply being notified to do so by the Bank in the form set out in Schedule 1 (the “Demand”), to pay the Bank forthwith the full amount of the sums owed by the Borrower due to it.
The Guarantor undertakes to promptly furnish information to the Bank on legislation or the regulatory framework affecting the Borrower, which may have an impact on the implementation of the Finance Contract.
The Guarantor shall ensure, until all the Guaranteed Sums have been fully paid or discharged, that the Guarantee provided under this Guarantee Agreement complies with the EU Treaty provisions on state aid and the secondary legislation relating thereto.
The Guarantor represents and warrants that:
(i) it has full capacity and powers to execute and perform the Guarantee Agreement;
(ii) all necessary action to authorise its execution and performance of the Guarantee have been taken;
(iii) its execution and performance of the Guarantee do not conflict with its constitutional documents or any regulation or law applicable to it;
(iv)it is fully aware of the Borrower’s general financial situation and that it has sufficient information to assess the same as well as the existence and the preservation of other guarantees do not constitute an essential condition (condition essentielle et déterminante) of the Guarantor’s decision to enter into this Agreement;
(v) no litigation, arbitration or administrative proceedings against the Guarantor has been started or, to its knowledge, threatened, which have or, if adversely determined, are reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect or might affect its ability to perform its obligations under the Guarantee;
(vi)under the laws of its jurisdiction, the claims of the Bank against it under this Guarantee Agreement will rank at least pari passu with the claims of all its other unsecured creditors save those whose claims are preferred by reason of any bankruptcy, insolvency, liquidation or other similar laws of general application; and
(vii) the obligations of the Guarantor under or in connection with the Guarantee constitute its legally valid and binding obligations and are enforceable against it in accordance with its terms.
For avoidance of doubt, the above declarations, warranties and undertakings are continuing declarations, warranties and declarations and shall hence remain true and correct as long as this Guarantee is and remains in force.
Enforcement of guarantee 
The Bank may call and enforce the Guarantee in the event that the Borrower fails to fulfil all or part of the obligations guaranteed pursuant to Article 2.01 above by issuing a Demand under this Guarantee Agreement after having made a demand for the relevant payment from the Borrower pursuant to the Finance Contract. Evidence of such demand to the Borrower shall be attached to the Demand. The Demand shall be made in writing, stating that the Borrower has not performed or fulfilled its payment obligations under the Finance Contract, whether on a Payment Date, upon demand for early repayment or otherwise, in respect of all or part of the Guaranteed Sums and specifying the amount due and payable under the Guarantee. The Demand (together with the attachments) shall constitute conclusive evidence.
Acceleration of all or part of the Loans covered by the Finance Contract shall be fully effective against the Guarantor once such acceleration has been declared by the Bank; this shall, for the avoidance of doubt, include cases where proceedings of any kind whatsoever (other than in respect to the validity of any monetary obligation of the Borrower underthe Finance Contract), which are likely to affect the payment obligations of the Borrower towards the Bank under the Loan Agreement, have been initiated against the Borrower.
The Guarantee under this Guarantee Agreement shall remain in full force until all Guaranteed Sums have been fully and unconditionally paid or discharged.
The payment by the Guarantor shall fall due on the fifteenth (15th) Business Day following the date of the Demand.
For the purpose of this Guarantee Agreement “Business Day” means a day on which banks are open for business in Luxembourg and Ljubljana.
The Guarantor undertakes to pay to the Bank on a simple Demand, the sums due, up to the amount stated in Article 2.01, without any restriction, deduction or condition and without the Bank having to provide specific justifications to back up its request other than the reason for calling this Guarantee and expressly releases the Bank from any obligation to send a prior formal notice to it and/or undertake any formality involving a protest for non-payment.
In the event of the Bank making a demand, the Guarantor shall have the right to discharge immediately, under the conditions set out in the Finance Contract, all the monetary obligations of the Borrower under the Finance Contract which are still outstanding at the time of such discharge (including inter alia indemnities, such as the indemnity under Article 10 of the Finance Contract).
All payments made by the Guarantor under the Guarantee shall reduce pro tanto amounts owed by the Borrower to the Bank.
Scope of the Joint and Several Guarantee 
The Guarantor hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives the benefit of discussion (other than in relation to the validity of any monetary obligation of the Borrower underthe Finance Contract) and the benefit of division, attachment or sale provided for in Article 2021 of the Luxembourg civil code (hereinafter the “Civil Code”) and Article 2026 of the Civil Code respectively, and of the recourse before payment provided for in Articles 2032 and 2039 of the Civil Code. The Guarantor further waives the benefit of Article 2037 of the Civil Code, pursuant to which the Guarantor is discharged of any obligation if, due to the creditor, subrogation in the rights and guarantees of the creditor in favour of the Guarantor becomes impossible.
The Guarantor hereby irrevocably and expressly waives, until all monies due by the Borrower have been irrevocably and unconditionally paid to the Bank and discharged in full, any right of recourse, right, action and claim (including, for the avoidance of doubt, by way of set-off or by way of provisional measures such as “saisie-arrêt conservatoire”) that it may have, whether by way of subrogation or directly or of any other nature, against the Borrower further to an enforcement of the Guarantee by any means whatsoever (including, in particular by not limited to, the right of recourse the Guarantor may have against any such entity under the terms of article 2028 et seq. of the Civil Code and including the rights arising for the Guarantor under articles 1253, 1271 et seq., and 2039 of the Civil Code.
The Guarantor hereby waives irrevocably any objection or exception in law (other than in relation to the validity of any monetary obligation of the Borrower underthe Finance Contract) to the total or partial enforcement of this Guarantee Agreement and to refuse or delay the performance of its obligations under the Guarantee and/or any payment to be made under the Guarantee. It undertakes to perform its obligations upon Demand by the Bank in accordance with Article 3.01. In particular, the Guarantor may not avail itself of any renewal, extension or prorogation of the Finance Contract or of any amendment to the Finance Contract made in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 below, or of the invalidity, irregularity, ineffectiveness or lack of enforceability of any individual provisions of the Finance Contract nor of any amendment of the Borrower’s articles of association, including in case of merger or demerger. The Bank shall not be obliged to prove that it has initiated proceedings against the Borrower.
If the Finance Contract is declared invalid by a court, the Guarantor acknowledges to remain, on the same terms and conditions as referred to above, as Guarantor in respect of all financial and pecuniary obligations for which the Borrower is still liable to the Bank following such declaration.
If a payment made to the Bank by or on behalf of the Borrower is held to be invalid for any reason whatsoever (other than due to the invalidity of any monetary obligation of the Borrower underthe Finance Contract), including among others by reason of the incapacity of the person having made such payment, the Guarantor hereby waives the right to invoke such a fact to object to a payment claim from the Bank.
The Guarantee is in addition to any other rights, which the Bank has, or may have, against the Borrower or any other entity which becomes the legal and/or universal successor of the Borrower in relation to or in connection with the transactions contemplated by the Finance Contract or against the Guarantor.
The Guarantor accepts and acknowledges that the Bank will not be required to proceed or enforce any rights against the Borrower or any other entity which becomes the legal and/or universal successor of the Borrower in relation to or in connection with the transactions contemplated by the Finance Contract before making a claim under the Guarantee.
Reinstatement and avoided payments 
Any settlement or discharge given by the Bank to the Guarantor in respect of the Guarantor's obligations under this Guarantee Agreement or any other agreement reached between the Bank and the Guarantor in relation to it shall be, and be deemed always to have been, void if any act on the faith of which the Bank gave the Guarantor that settlement or discharge or entered into that agreement is subsequently avoided by or in pursuance of any provision of law. As a result the Bank’s right to serve a Demand and to recover from the Guarantor to the full extent of this Guarantee Agreement at any time shall not be prejudiced or affected.
If a payment made to the Bank in respect of a Guaranteed Sum is avoided, set aside, clawed back or revoked or must be restored in pursuance of any provision of law or of any enactment relating to the insolvency, liquidation or administration (or other proceedings of a similar nature) of the person by whom such amount was paid, for the purposes of this Guarantee Agreement such amount shall be regarded as not having been paid and the Guarantor shall not be discharged in respect of such payment.
When the Guarantor has made a payment to the Bank and provided the Guarantor has exercised its rights under Article 3.03, it is subrogated, to the extent of such payment, to the rights and actions relating to the said payment that the Bank has against the Borrower; this right of subrogation shall not be invoked to the detriment of the Bank. The Guarantor hereby undertakes not to take any action of any kind against the Borrower as long as the Bank still has a claim against the Borrower.
The Guarantor shall inform the Bank forthwith of any fact or event likely to affect the performance of its obligations under this Guarantee Agreement.
The Guarantor shall notify the Bank of the completion of the procedures necessary in the Republic of Slovenia for the entry into force of the Guarantee Agreement.
Modification of the Finance Contract 
The Bank may agree any modification of the Finance Contract that has the effect of improving or strengthening the position of the Bank vis-à-vis the Borrower without increasing the obligations of the Guarantor; any such modification shall be notified to the Guarantor.
Any other modification of the Finance Contract shall be conditional upon the prior written consent of the Guarantor, which shall not be withheld unless the Guarantor reasonably considers that its obligations thereunder would be materially increased or extended thereby.
Taxes, Charges and Expenses 
Taxes or fiscal charges, legal costs and other expenses incurred in the execution or implementation of this Guarantee Agreement shall be borne by the Guarantor. The Guarantor shall make payments hereunder without withholding or deduction on account of tax or fiscal charges.
Legal regime of this Guarantee Agreement 
The legal relations between the parties to this Guarantee Agreement, its formation and validity shall be governed by the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
The place of performance of this Guarantee Agreement is the head office of the Bank.
The parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union and all disputes arising under or in connection with the Guarantee Agreement shall be submitted to such court.
The decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union shall be conclusive and shall be accepted as such by the parties without restriction or reservation.
The parties hereto agree that this Guarantee Agreement is of a commercial nature and hereby undertake to waive any immunities, which they may now or hereafter enjoy in any country from the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union.
In any legal action arising out of this Guarantee Agreement the certificate of the Bank as to any amount due to the Bank under this Guarantee Agreement shall be prima facie evidence of such amount.
This Guarantee Agreement shall enter into force on the date when the Bank issues a written notice to the Guarantor confirming that the Bank has received a written notice pursuant to Article 7.02 of this Guarantee Agreement and a legal opinion issued by a duly authorised officer of the Attorney General’s Office of the Guarantor in the form and substance satisfactory to the Bank as set out in Annex II.
The Guarantor may not transfer, novate or otherwise assign in any manner whatsoever all or part of its rights and obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Bank.
All payments made by the Guarantor under this Agreement must be calculated and made without set-off or counterclaim and without any deduction or withholding for or on account of tax unless a tax deduction is required by law. If a tax deduction is required by law to be made, the amount of the payment due shall be increased to an amount which (after making any tax deduction) leaves an amount equal to the payment which would have been due if no tax deduction had been required.
Any amendments and modifications to this Agreement are subject to the prior written consent of the Bank and the Guarantor.
If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid or unforceable, and unless the invalidity or enforceability thereof does substantial violence to the underlying intent and sense of the remainder of this Agreement, such invalidity or unforceability shall not affect in any way the validity or enforceability of any other provisions of the Agreement except the invalidated or unenforceable provision.
This Agreement represents the entire understanding of the Parties with respect to the subject matter herein covered and all prior agreements and understandings are hereby replaced and superseded in their entirety by the provisions of this Agreement.
Final Clauses 
Notices and other communications given hereunder shall be sent to the respective address set out below:
– for the Guarantor:
Finance Department
Ministry of Finance
Župančičeva 3
1502 Ljubljana
Fax: 00386 1 369 6689
– for the Bank:
Operations OPS/MA-3/SI 
European Investment Bank
100 Boulevard 
Konrad Adenauer
L-2950 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Fax: 00352 4379 67487
Each party may, by notice to the other, change its addresses as set out above.
Notices and other communications, for which fixed periods are laid down in this Guarantee Agreement or which themselves fix periods binding on the addressee, shall be served by hand delivery, registered letter, telegram, telex, confirmed fax or any other means of transmission which affords evidence of receipt by the addressee. The date of registration or, as the case may be, the stated date of receipt of transmission shall be conclusive for the determination of a period.
The Recitals forms part of this Guarantee Agreement. 
The following Schedule and Annexes is attached hereto:
Schedule 1
Form of Demand
Annex I
Certified English translation of the relevant provisions of the Slovenian Law on the guarantee.
Annex II
Template of legal opinion of a duly authorised officer of the Attorney General’s Office of the Guarantor on this Guarantee Agreement
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have caused this Guarantee Agreement to be executed in 4 (four) originals in the English language.
This Guarantee Agreement has been initialled on behalf of the Guarantor by Mr Andrej Kavčič, and on behalf of the Bank by Mr Alessandro Cagnato.
Ljubljana, 18 April 2016 
Signed for and on behalf of 
Luxembourg, 21 March 2016 
Signed for and on behalf of 
The Minister 
of Finance 
Dušan Mramor (s)
The Head 
of Division 
Massimo Novo (s)
The Deputy Head of Division 
Martin (s)
 FI št. 84.510 (SL)
 SERAPIS št. 2014-0595
Avtoceste IX 
Poroštvena pogodba 
(Acte de cautionnement solidaire)
Republiko Slovenijo 
Evropsko investicijsko banko 
Luxembourg, 21. marec 2016 
Ljubljana,18. april 2016 
Republiko Slovenijo, ki nastopa prek Ministrstva za finance, ki ga zastopa minister za finance, g. Dušan Mramor,
(v nadaljevanju »porok«),
na eni strani in
Evropsko investicijsko banko s sedežem na naslovu 100, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-2950 Luxembourg, ki jo zastopata vodja oddelka, g. Massimo Novo, in namestnik vodje oddelka, g. Jean-Marc Martin,
(v nadaljevanju »banka«, obe skupaj
»pogodbenici« oziroma posamezno »pogodbenica«)
na drugi strani.
1) s pogodbo (v nadaljevanju »finančna pogodba«), sklenjeno v Ljubljani dne 12. junija 2015 med banko in Družbo za avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji d.d. (v nadaljevanju »kreditojemalka«), banka soglaša, da bo kreditojemalki dala kredit v vrednosti 145.000.000,00 EUR (sto petinštirideset milijonov evrov) za (i) izvedbo projekta novogradnje avtocestnega odseka med Draženci in Gruškovjem na avtocesti A4/E59, (ii) dograditev priključka Šmarje–Sap na avtocesti A2 ter (iii) investicije v elektromehansko opremo, pametne transportne sisteme, nadzorne sisteme in ukrepe za izboljšanje prometne varnosti na celotnem avtocestnem omrežju (»projekt«). Projekt je podrobneje opisan v tehničnem opisu v Prilogi A.1 k finančni pogodbi;
2) da so obveznosti banke po finančni pogodbi med drugim pogojene s tem, da (i) porok podpiše in predloži jamstvo za neprekinjeno učinkovanje poroštva in izpolnjevanje finančnih obveznosti kreditojemalke iz finančne pogodbe na podlagi tega solidarnega poroštva (acte de cautionnement solidaire) (v nadaljevanju »poroštvena pogodba«) ter (ii) predloži pravno mnenje Državnega pravobranilstva Republike Slovenije, kot je navedeno spodaj;
3) porok zagotavlja solidarno poroštvo skladno s pogoji te poroštvene pogodbe;
4) je sklenitev te poroštvene pogodbe odobril Državni zbor Republike Slovenije, v Prilogi I pa je sodno overjen prevod ustreznih določb zadevnega zakona v angleški jezik;
5) bo ustrezno pooblaščena uradna oseba porokovega državnega pravobranilstva izdala pravno mnenje o tej poroštveni pogodbi v obliki in po vsebini, sprejemljivi za banko (kot je določeno v Prilogi II), kot pogoj za izplačilo banke po finančni pogodbi;
6) porok jamči, da je poroštvo v tej poroštveni pogodbi skladno z določbami Pogodbe o Evropski uniji (»EU«) o državnih pomočeh in s tem povezane sekundarne zakonodaje;
7) pogodbenici izrecno sprejemata in se strinjata, da je poroštvo solidarno (cautionnement solidaire), urejeno z 2011. in naslednjimi členi Civilnega zakonika (kot opredeljeno v nadaljevanju), ter z določbami in pogoji, navedenimi v nadaljevanju;
8) porok izrecno sprejema in se strinja, da je poroštvo komercialne (cautionnement commercial) in ne civilne narave (cautionnement civil);
9) imajo izrazi, ki so uporabljeni v tej poroštveni pogodbi in ki niso drugače opredeljeni, pomen, ki je zanje določen v finančni pogodbi,
je dogovorjeno:
1. ČLEN 
Pogoji finančne pogodbe 
Porok sprejema in izrecno potrjuje, da je v celoti seznanjen in sprejema pogoje in določbe finančne pogodbe, katere izvod, kot sta ga pogodbenici podpisali, je banka dostavila poroku. 
Izrazi, opredeljeni v finančni pogodbi, imajo v tej poroštveni pogodbi enak pomen. Sklicevanje na člene, odstavke, uvodne navedbe, obrazce in priloge v tej pogodbi je, razen če ni izrecno določeno drugače, sklicevanje na člene, odstavke, uvodne določbe, obrazce in priloge k tej poroštveni pogodbi. Poleg tega je izrecno dogovorjeno, da sklicevanja na finančno pogodbo pod nobenimi pogoji ne vplivajo na brezpogojnost in nepreklicnost tega poroštva. 
Dodatno v tej poroštveni pogodbi: 
ima »poroštvo« pomen, določen v členu 2.01;
imajo »zajamčeni zneski« pomen, določen v členu 2.01.
2. ČLEN 
Poroštvo in zaveze poroka 
Porok s solidarnim poroštvom (cautionnement solidaire) banki s tem nepreklicno, brezpogojno in solidarno v celoti jamči za popolno, pravočasno in nepreklicno izpolnjevanje vseh denarnih obveznosti kreditojemalke po finančni pogodbi ter se nepreklicno in brezpogojno zavezuje, da bo banki plačal vse zneske, ki bi jih banka po finančni pogodbi terjala od kreditojemalke, vključno z glavnicami, obrestmi brez vsakršnih omejitev, zamudnimi obrestmi, pristojbinami, odškodninami, provizijami, dodatnimi stroški in drugimi izdatki, ter vse zneske, ki jih kreditojemalka dolguje banki na podlagi katere koli določbe finančne pogodbe (vsak tako zajamčeni znesek je »zajamčeni znesek«, vsi zneski skupaj pa »zajamčeni zneski«), do največ 174.000.000,00 EUR (sto štiriinsedemdeset milijonov evrov) (»poroštvo«).
Če kreditojemalka na dan zapadlosti ne plača katerega koli zneska, kot tudi če je kreditojemalka v kakršnem koli postopku (razen v zvezi z veljavnostjo katere koli njene denarne obveznosti iz finančne pogodbe), ki lahko vpliva na njeno izpolnjevanje plačilnih obveznosti do banke na podlagi finančne pogodbe, se porok odreka pravici sklicevanja na rok plačila in se zavezuje, da bo po prejemu obvestila banke v obliki, določeni v Obrazcu 1 (»zahtevek«), banki takoj plačal celotni znesek, ki ga dolguje kreditojemalka.
Porok se obvezuje, da bo banki nemudoma priskrbel informacije o zakonodaji oziroma pravnem okviru, ki zadeva kreditojemalko in ki bi lahko vplival na izvajanje finančne pogodbe. 
Porok mora poskrbeti, da bo poroštvo iz te poroštvene pogodbe skladno z določbami Pogodbe o Evropski uniji o državnih pomočeh in sekundarno zakonodajo, ki se nanaša nanje, dokler zajamčeni zneski niso v celoti plačani oziroma niso več dolgovani. 
Porok izjavlja in jamči, da:
(i) je sposoben in pristojen za sklenitev in izvajanje poroštvene pogodbe;
(ii) je bilo opravljeno vse potrebno za odobritev njenega podpisa in izpolnjevanje poroštva; 
(iii) njen podpis in izvajanje poroštva nista v nasprotju z ustavo ali katerim koli predpisom, ki se nanaša na poroštvo;
(iv) se v celoti zaveda splošnega finančnega položaja kreditojemalke in ima dovolj informacij za njegovo ocenitev ter da obstoj in ohranitev drugih jamstev nista temeljni pogoj za odločitev (condition essentielle et déterminante) poroka, da sklene to pogodbo;
(v) se proti njemu niso začeli oziroma, kolikor mu je znano, se ne pripravljajo nobeni sodni, arbitražni ali upravni postopki, ki vplivajo ali bi, če se ugotovi nasprotno, zelo verjetno imeli pomemben negativen vpliv ali bi lahko vplivali na njegovo sposobnost izpolnjevanja obveznosti iz poroštva;
(vi) bodo v skladu z njegovo zakonodajo vse terjatve banke do njega po tej poroštveni pogodbi obravnavane najmanj pari passu s terjatvami vseh njegovih drugih nezavarovanih upnikov, razen tistih, katerih terjatve imajo prednost zaradi stečaja, plačilne nesposobnosti, likvidacije ali drugih predpisov, ki se splošno uporabljajo, in
(vii) njegove obveznosti po tem poroštvu ali v zvezi z njim ustvarjajo pravno veljavne in zavezujoče obveznosti ter so zoper njega izvršljive v skladu s pogoji poroštva. 
Da bi se izognili dvomu, so zgoraj navedene izjave, jamstva in zaveze trajne ter morajo zato ostati resnične in točne tako dolgo, dokler velja to poroštvo. 
3. ČLEN 
Uveljavitev poroštva 
Banka lahko pozove poroka in uveljavi poroštvo, če kreditojemalka ne izpolni vseh obveznosti ali dela obveznosti, za katere porok jamči v skladu s členom 2.01 te pogodbe, in sicer z izdajo zahtevka po tej poroštveni pogodbi, potem ko je skladno s finančno pogodbo od kreditojemalke že zahtevala zadevno plačilo. Zahtevku mora biti priložen dokaz o taki zahtevi. Zahtevek mora biti pisen z navedbo, da kreditojemalka ni izvrševala ali izpolnila svoje plačilne obveznosti iz finančne pogodbe za vse zajamčene zneske ali njihov del, bodisi glede dneva plačila bodisi glede zahteve po predčasnem poplačilu ali kako drugače, v njem pa se opredeli tudi dolgovani znesek v skladu s poroštvom. Zahtevek (skupaj s prilogami) šteje kot trden dokaz. 
Obveznost poroka za predčasno poplačilo celega ali dela črpanega kredita po finančni pogodbi učinkuje, ko banka sporoči zahtevo za tako predčasno poplačilo; da se izognemo dvomom, to velja tudi za primere, ko so proti kreditojemalki sproženi kakršni koli postopki (razen postopkov v zvezi z veljavnostjo katere koli njene denarne obveznosti iz finančne pogodbe), ki bodo po vsej verjetnosti vplivali na plačilne obveznosti kreditojemalke do banke po finančni pogodbi. 
Poroštvo iz te poroštvene pogodbe ostane v polni veljavi, vse dokler zajamčeni zneski niso v celoti in brezpogojno plačani oziroma niso več dolgovani. 
Porokovo plačilo zapade petnajsti (15.) delovni dan po datumu zahtevka. 
V tej poroštveni pogodbi »delovni dan« pomeni dan, ko so banke v Luxembourgu in Ljubljani odprte za poslovanje.
Porok se zavezuje, da bo samo na podlagi zahtevka banki plačal dolgovane zneske, vse do zneska iz člena 2.01, in sicer brez omejitev, odbitkov in pogojev in ne da bi banka morala poleg razloga za poziv po tem poroštvu še posebej utemeljiti svoj zahtevek, ter izrecno razrešuje banko kakršnih koli obveznosti pošiljanja predhodnega uradnega obvestila in/ali formalnosti, ki vključujejo ugovor zaradi neplačevanja.
Če banka poda zahtevek, ima porok pravico pod pogoji iz finančne pogodbe takoj izpolniti vse denarne obveznosti kreditojemalke, ki so takrat še neizpolnjene (vključno, med drugim, odškodnine, kot je na primer odškodnina iz 10. člena finančne pogodbe). 
Vsa plačila poroka iz poroštva za enak znesek zmanjšajo vsoto, ki jo kreditojemalka dolguje banki. 
4. ČLEN 
Obseg solidarnega poroštva 
Porok se nepreklicno in brezpogojno odreka pravici do ugovora (razen v zvezi z veljavnostjo katere koli denarne obveznosti kreditojemalke iz finančne pogodbe), pravici do razdelitve in pravici zahtevati rubež ali prodajo po 2021. oziroma 2026. členu luksemburškega Civilnega zakonika (v nadaljevanju »civilni zakonik«) ter pravici do regresa pred plačilom po 2032. in 2039. členu civilnega zakonika. Nadalje se porok odreka pravici po 2037. členu civilnega zakonika, na podlagi katerega je porok prost vsakršne obveznosti, če postane subrogacija pravic in zavarovanj upnika v prid poroku nemogoča zaradi ravnanja upnika.
Dokler vsi denarni zneski, ki jih kreditojemalka dolguje, niso nepreklicno in brezpogojno plačani banki in noben znesek ni več dolgovan, se porok nepreklicno in izrecno odpoveduje regresom, pravicam, ukrepom in zahtevkom (da ne bi bilo dvoma, vključno s pobotom ali začasnimi ukrepi, kot je »saisie-arrêt conservatoire«), ki bi jih na podlagi subrogacije ali neposredno ali kakor koli drugače imel do kreditojemalke po uveljavitvi poroštva s kakršnimi koli sredstvi (zlasti vključno in ne samo z regresno pravico, ki bi jo porok imel zoper tak subjekt pod pogoji 2028. in naslednjih členov civilnega zakonika, in s pravicami poroka po 1253., 1271. in naslednjih členih ter 2039. členu civilnega zakonika).
Porok se nepreklicno odreka vsakršnemu ugovoru ali izjemam po zakonu (razen v zvezi z veljavnostjo katere koli denarne obveznosti kreditojemalke iz finančne pogodbe) v zvezi s popolnim ali delnim izvajanjem te poroštvene pogodbe ter zavračanju ali odlaganju izpolnjevanja svojih obveznosti iz poroštva in/ali katerih koli plačil po poroštvu. Porok se zavezuje, da bo izpolnil svoje obveznosti po vsakem izdanem zahtevku banke v skladu s členom 3.01. Še zlasti se porok zaradi svoje koristi ne sme sklicevati na prenovitve, širitve ali podaljšanja finančne pogodbe ali spremembe finančne pogodbe v skladu z določbami 8. člena ali na neveljavnost, nepravilnost, neučinkovitost ali neizvršljivost katere koli določbe finančne pogodbe in tudi ne na spremembo statuta kreditojemalke, vključno v primeru združitve ali delitve. Banka ni dolžna dokazovati, da je sprožila kak postopek proti kreditojemalki. 
Če sodišče razglasi finančno pogodbo za neveljavno, porok potrjuje, da pod enakimi pogoji, kot so navedeni zgoraj, ostaja zavezan kot porok za vse finančne in denarne obveznosti, za katere kreditojemalka po taki razglasitvi še vedno odgovarja banki. 
Če je plačilo kreditojemalke banki ali plačilo v njenem imenu neveljavno iz kakršnega koli razloga (razen zaradi neveljavnosti katere koli denarne obveznosti kreditojemalke iz finančne pogodbe), vključno med drugim zaradi poslovne nesposobnosti osebe, ki je izvedla plačilo, se porok odpoveduje pravici do sklicevanja na to dejstvo, zato da bi ugovarjal zahtevku banke za plačilo. 
Poroštvo velja poleg ostalih pravic banke, ki jih ta ima oziroma bi jih lahko imela do kreditojemalke ali katerega koli drugega subjekta, ki postane pravni in/ali univerzalni naslednik kreditojemalke v povezavi s transakcijami, predvidenimi v okviru finančne pogodbe, ali do poroka.
Porok sprejema in potrjuje, da banki pred zahtevkom v okviru poroštva ne bo treba začeti postopka ali uveljaviti kakršnih koli pravic zoper kreditojemalko ali kateri koli drugi subjekt, ki postane pravni in/ali univerzalni naslednik kreditojemalke v povezavi s transakcijami, predvidenimi v okviru finančne pogodbe.
5. ČLEN 
Vrnitev v prejšnje stanje in neveljavna plačila 
Kakršna koli poravnava ali odpust, ki ga banka da poroku v zvezi z izpolnjevanjem njegovih obveznosti po tej poroštveni pogodbi, ali kakršen koli dogovor, sklenjen med banko in porokom v zvezi z njo, je ničen in se šteje, da je bil vedno ničen, če se za dejanje, zaradi katerega je banka poroku priznala tako poravnavo ali odpust ali je sklenila tak dogovor, naknadno ugotovi, da je neveljavno zaradi katere koli zakonske določbe oziroma njenega izvajanja. To posledično ne omejuje ali ne vpliva na pravico banke, da kadar koli predloži zahtevek in izterja od poroka celoten znesek po tej poroštveni pogodbi. 
Če plačilo banki v okviru zajamčenega zneska ni veljavno, je zadržano, odpoklicano ali preklicano oziroma mora biti vrnjeno zaradi izvajanja zakonskih določb ali odločitev v zvezi s plačilno nesposobnostjo, likvidacijo ali prisilno upravo (ali drugim podobnim postopkom) subjekta, ki je plačal tak znesek, se za namene te poroštvene pogodbe šteje, da tak znesek ni bil plačan in da ga porok še dolguje. 
6. ČLEN 
Subrogacija (prehod pravic) 
Ko porok izvede plačilo banki in če je uveljavil svoje pravice iz člena 3.03, nanj v obsegu takega plačila preidejo pravice in ukrepi, ki jih ima banka do kreditojemalke v zvezi s tem plačilom; pravice do subrogacije ni mogoče uveljavljati v škodo banke. Porok se zavezuje, da ne bo kakor koli ukrepal proti kreditojemalki, dokler ima banka terjatev do nje.
7. ČLEN 
Porok takoj obvesti banko o vsakem dejstvu ali dogodku, ki bi lahko vplival na izpolnjevanje njegovih obveznosti po tej poroštveni pogodbi.
Porok obvesti banko o dokončanju postopkov, ki so v Republiki Sloveniji potrebni za začetek veljavnosti poroštvene pogodbe. 
8. ČLEN 
Spremembe finančne pogodbe 
Banka lahko soglaša s kakršno koli spremembo finančne pogodbe, s katero se izboljšuje ali krepi položaj banke v razmerju do kreditojemalke, ne da bi s tem povečala obveznosti poroka; o vsaki taki spremembi uradno obvesti poroka. 
Zavse druge spremembe finančne pogodbe je potrebno predhodno pisno soglasje poroka, ki ga ta ne sme zavrniti, razen če utemeljeno domneva, da bi se njegove obveznosti zaradi tega bistveno povečale ali razširile.
9. ČLEN 
Davki, druge dajatve in stroški 
Davki ali druge dajatve ter sodni in drugi stroški, ki nastanejo pri sklepanju ali izvajanju te poroštvene pogodbe, bremenijo poroka. Porok plačila po tej pogodbi izvaja brez vsakršnega odbitka ali zmanjšanja zaradi davkov ali drugih dajatev.
10. ČLEN 
Pravni režim te poroštvene pogodbe 
Pravna razmerja med pogodbenicama te poroštvene pogodbe, njeno sestavo in veljavnost ureja zakonodaja Velikega vojvodstva Luksemburg.
Kraj izpolnitve te poroštvene pogodbe je sedež banke.
Pogodbenici se podrejata izključni pristojnosti Sodišča Evropske unije in vsi spori po poroštveni pogodbi ali v zvezi z njo se predložijo temu sodišču. 
Odločba Sodišča Evropske unije je dokončna in jo kot tako pogodbenici sprejemata brez vsakršnih omejitev ali pridržkov.
Pogodbenici soglašata, da je ta poroštvena pogodba komercialne narave, in se obvezujeta, da se bosta odpovedali kakršnim koli imunitetam, ki jih zdaj uživata ali bi jih lahko uživali v prihodnje v kateri koli državi v zvezi s sodno pristojnostjo Sodišča Evropske unije.
Priuveljavljanju pravic, ki izhajajo iz te poroštvene pogodbe, je potrdilo banke o vsakem znesku, dolgovanem banki po tej poroštveni pogodbi, dokaz prima facie o takem znesku.
Ta poroštvena pogodba začne veljati z dnem, ko banka poroku s pisnim obvestilom potrdi, da je prejela pisno obvestilo v skladu s členom 7.02 te poroštvene pogodbe in pravno mnenje, ki ga je izdala ustrezno pooblaščena oseba porokovega državnega pravobranilstva, v obliki in po vsebini sprejemljivi za banko, kot je določeno v Prilogi II. 
Porok ne sme prenesti, prenoviti ali kakor koli drugače odstopiti vseh svojih pravic in obveznosti iz te pogodbe ali njihovega dela brez predhodnega pisnega soglasja banke.
Vsa porokova plačila po tej pogodbi morajo biti izračunana in izvedena brez pobota ali nasprotnih zahtevkov ter brez kakršnih koli odbitkov ali zmanjšanja zaradi davkov, razen če odbitek davka zahteva zakonodaja. Če se odbitek davka zahteva po zakonodaji, se znesek dolgovanega plačila poveča na znesek, ki (po odbitku davka) predstavlja znesek, enak plačilu, ki bi bilo dolgovano, če odbitek davka ne bi bil zahtevan.
O vseh spremembah in dopolnitvah te pogodbe morata predhodno pisno soglašati banka in porok. 
Če je katera koli določba te pogodbe neveljavna oziroma neizvršljiva, vendar pa neveljavnost oziroma neizvršljivost take določbe ne pomeni bistvenega posega v siceršnji namen in smisel preostanka te pogodbe, ta neveljavnost oziroma neizvršljivost nikakor ne vpliva na veljavnost oziroma izvršljivost katere koli druge določbe v pogodbi, razen na neveljavne oziroma neizvršljive določbe.
Ta pogodba predstavlja celoten dogovor pogodbenic glede predmeta pogodbe, z njo pa se vse predhodne pogodbe in dogovori v celoti nadomestijo z določbami te pogodbe. 
11. ČLEN 
Končne določbe 
Obvestila in druga sporočila po tej pogodbi se pošljejo na navedena naslova:
– za poroka:
za mednarodne finančne odnose
Ministrstvo za finance
Župančičeva 3
SI-1502 Ljubljana
Faks: 00386 1 369 6689
– za banko:
Operations OPS/MA-3/SI 
European Investment Bank
100 Boulevard 
Konrad Adenauer
L-2950 Luxembourg
Veliko vojvodstvo Luksemburg
Faks: 00352 4379 67487
Vsaka pogodbenica lahko z obvestilom drugi pogodbenici spremeni svoj zgornji naslov.
Obvestila in druga sporočila, za katera so roki določeni v tej poroštveni pogodbi ali ki sama določajo roke, obvezujoče za naslovnika, je treba vročiti osebno ali poslati s priporočenim pismom, telegramom, teleksom, telefaksom s potrdilom ali kakim drugim sredstvom obveščanja, ki dokazuje, da je naslovnik obvestilo prejel. Zabeleženi datum pošiljanja oziroma, odvisno od primera, zabeleženi datum prejema bo odločilen pri določanju roka.
Uvodne navedbe so sestavni del te poroštvene pogodbe.
Pogodbi so priloženi obrazec in prilogi: 
Obrazec 1
Obrazec zahtevka
Priloga I
Sodno overjen prevod ustreznih določb slovenskega zakona o poroštvu v angleški jezik
Priloga II
Predloga pravnega mnenja o tej poroštveni pogodbi, ki ga izda ustrezno pooblaščena oseba porokovega državnega pravobranilstva
V DOKAZ NAVEDENEGA sta pogodbenici podpisali to poroštveno pogodbo v 4 (štirih) izvirnikih v angleškem jeziku.
To poroštveno pogodbo je v imenu poroka parafiral g. Andrej Kavčič, v imenu banke pa g. Alessandro Cagnato.
Ljubljana, 18. april 2016 
Podpisal za in v imenu 
Luxembourg, 21. marec 2016 
Podpisala za in v imenu 
za finance 
Dušan Mramor l.r.
Vodja oddelka 
Massimo Novo l.r.
vodje oddelka Jean-Marc
Martin l.r.
3. člen 
Za izvajanje poroštvene pogodbe skrbi ministrstvo, pristojno za finance.
4. člen 
Ta zakon začne veljati naslednji dan po objavi v Uradnem listu Republike Slovenije – Mednarodne pogodbe.
Št. 440-04/16-1/9
Ljubljana, dne 19. maja 2016
EPA 1214-VII
Državni zbor 
Republike Slovenije 
dr. Milan Brglez l.r.

AAA Zlata odličnost