Uradni list

Številka 86
Uradni list RS, št. 86/2002 z dne 11. 10. 2002
Uradni list

Uradni list RS, št. 86/2002 z dne 11. 10. 2002


72. Uredba o ratifikaciji Sporazuma med Svetovno meteorološko organizacijo (WMO) in Vlado Republike Slovenije o pripravi trinajstega zasedanja Komisije za agrometeorologijo (CAgM-XIII), stran 936.

Na podlagi prve in tretje alinee petega odstavka 75. člena Zakona o zunanjih zadevah (Uradni list RS, št. 45/01) izdaja Vlada Republike Slovenije
1. člen
Ratificira se Sporazum med Svetovno meteorološko organizacijo (WMO) in Vlado Republike Slovenije o pripravi trinajstega zasedanja Komisije za agrometeorologijo (CAgM-XIII), ki je bil podpisan v Ljubljani 26. julija 2002.
2. člen
Sporazum se v izvirniku v angleškem jeziku in prevodu v slovenskem jeziku glasi:
WHEREAS the Government of Slovenia, hereinafter referred to as “the Government“, has invited the World Meteorological Organization, hereinafter referred to as “the WMO“, to hold the thirteenth session of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM-XIII) in Ljubljana,
NOW THEREFORE, the WMO and the Government hereby agree as follows:
Article I
Date and place of the session
The session shall be held at Ljubljana, from 10 to 18 October 2002.
Article II
Attendance at the session
1. As specified in the WMO Convention and the WMO General Regulations, the session shall be open to participation by the representatives or observers of:
(a) All WMO Members;
(b) National liberation movements recognized by United Nations and the Organization of African Unity;
(c) Non-Member States and territories;
(d) Intergovernmental and non-governmental / international organizations concerned, upon invitation;
and by officials of the WMO Secretariat, as well as by other persons including experts invited by the WMO.
2. The Secretary-General of the WMO shall designate the officials of the WMO assigned to attend the session for the purpose of servicing it.
Article III
Premises, equipment, utilities and supplies
1. The Government shall provide the necessary premises, including conference rooms for formal and informal meetings, office space, working areas and other related facilities, as specified in Annex I to this Agreement. The Government shall at its expense furnish, equip and maintain in good repair all these premises and facilities in a manner that the WMO considers adequate for the effective conduct of the session. The main conference room shall be equipped with booths for simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish and shall have facilities for sound recording in two languages (original and English). The premises shall remain at the disposal of the WMO 24 hours a day from two days prior to the session until a maximum of two days after its close.
2. The Government shall provide, if possible within the conference area: bank, post office, telephone and telegram facilities, as well as a travel agency.
3. The Government shall bear the cost of all necessary utility services, including local telephone communications, of the secretariat of the session and its communications by telex or telephone with WMO Headquarters when such communications are authorized by or on behalf of the representative of the Secretary-General at the session or the conference officer.
Article IV
The Government shall ensure that adequate accommodation in hotels or residences is available at reasonable commercial rates for persons participating in or attending the session and for the staff of the WMO.
Article V
Medical facilities
1. Medical facilities adequate for first aid in emergencies shall be provided by the Government.
2. For serious emergencies, the Government shall ensure immediate transportation and admission to a hospital.
Article VI
1. The Government shall provide transport between Ljubljana airport, the principal hotels and the conference area in Ljubljana for the members of the WMO Secretariat servicing the session upon their arrival and departure.
2. The Government shall ensure the availability of transport for all participants and those attending the session between Ljubljana airport, the principal hotels and the conference area.
3. The Government shall provide an adequate number of cars with drivers for official use by the principal officers and the secretariat of the session, as well as such other local transportation as is required by the secretariat in connection with the session.
Article VII
Security measures
The Government shall furnish such security measures as may be required to ensure the effective functioning of the session in an atmosphere of security and tranquility free from interference of any kind. The competent authority shall work in close cooperation with the representative of the Secretary-General at the session or the conference officer.
Article VIII
Local personnel
1. The Government shall appoint a liaison officer who shall be responsible, in consultation with the WMO, for making and carrying out the administrative and personnel arrangements for the session as required under this Agreement.
2. The Government shall recruit and provide an adequate number of local staff such as clerks, personnel for the reproduction and distribution of documents, sound operators, ushers, messengers, cleaners and other workmen required for the proper functioning of the session and possibly some of the required secretaries and typists. The exact requirements in this respect will be established by the WMO in consultation with the Government.
Article IX
Financial arrangements
1. The Government, in addition to the financial obligations provided for in Annex I to this Agreement, shall, in accordance with the decision of the Ninth Meteorological Congress (paragraph 5.2.4 of the General Summary of the work of the session, Abridged Report of Ninth Congress), bear the actual additional costs directly or indirectly involved in holding the session in Ljubljana, as indicated in Annex II, rather than at the WMO Headquarters in Geneva. Such costs, which are provisionally estimated at 87 734.- Swiss francs, shall include, but not be restricted to, the actual costs of travel and staff entitlements of the WMO officials assigned to plan for or attend the session, as well as the costs of shipping any necessary equipment and supplies. Arrangements for the travel of the WMO officials required to plan for or service the session and for the shipment of any necessary equipment and supplies shall be made by the Secretariat in accordance with the WMO Staff Regulations and Rules and its related administrative practices regarding travel standard, baggage allowances, subsistence payments and terminal expenses.
2. After the session, the WMO shall provide the Government with a detailed statement of accounts showing the actual additional costs incurred by the WMO and the amount to be borne by the Government pursuant to paragraph 1. These costs shall be expressed in Swiss francs, using the United Nations official rate of exchange at the time the payments are made. On the basis of this detailed statement of accounts, the Government shall remit the amount due to WMO within one month of the receipt of the detailed accounts. Similarly, should the final costs of holding the session in Ljubljana be less than the costs which would have been incurred had the session been held in the WMO Headquarters in Geneva, then WMO would reimburse the difference to the Government within one month of establishing the final accounts. The final accounts shall be subject to audit as provided in the WMO Financial Regulations, and the final adjustment of accounts shall be subject to any observations which may arise from the audit carried out by the WMO’s external auditor, whose determination shall be accepted as final by both WMO and the Government.
Article X
1. The Government shall be responsible for dealing with any action, claim or other demand against the WMO or its officials and arising out of:
(a) Injury to persons or damage to or loss of property in the premises referred to in Article III that are under the control of the Government;
(b) Injury to persons or damage to or loss of property caused by, or incurred in using, the transport services referred to in Article VI that are provided by or are under the control of the Government;
(c) The employment for the session of the personnel provided by the Government under Article VIII.
2. The Government shall indemnify and hold harmless the WMO and its officials and in respect of any such action, claim or other demand.
3. The understanding of this Article is that it only covers claims on the basis of legal right to compensation and does not imply any responsibility of the Government of Slovenia as regards any illness or accident which may occur to the participant.
Article XI
Privileges and immunities
1. The Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies shall be applicable in respect of the session. In particular, the representatives of Members referred to in Article II, paragraph 1(a) above, shall enjoy the privileges and immunities provided for under Article V of this Convention, the officials of the WMO referred to in Article II and performing functions in connection with the session, shall enjoy the privileges and immunities provided for under Article VI and VIII of the Convention an any expert on mission for the WMO in connection with the session shall enjoy the privileges and immunities provided for under Article VIII of the Convention.
2. All persons referred to in Article II shall have the right of entry into and exit from Slovenia, providing there are no obstacles for that under the Slovene legislation, and no impediment shall be imposed on their transit to and from the conference area. They shall be granted facilities for speedy travel. Visas and entry permits, where required, shall be granted as speedily as possible. Arrangements shall also be made to ensure that visas for the duration of the session are delivered at the following border crossings upon the entry into the Republic of Slovenia: Karavanke, Sentilj, Fernetici, Vrtojba, Dolga vas, Hodos, Gruskovje, Obrezje, Jelsane, airport Ljubljana - Brnik and airport Maribor to participants who were unable to obtain them prior to their arrival. Exit permits, where required, shall be granted as speedily as possible.
3. For the purpose of the Convention and the General Regulations, the conference premises specified in Article III, paragraph I, above, shall be deemed to constitute premises of the WMO and access thereto shall be subject to the authority of the WMO. The premises shall be inviolable for the duration of the session, including the preparatory stage and the winding-up.
4. All persons referred to in Article II, above, shall have the right to take out of Slovenia at the time of their departure, without any restriction, any unexpended portions of the funds they brought into Slovenia in connection with the session and to reconvert any such funds at the current exchange rate.
5. The Government shall allow the temporary importation, tax-free and duty-free, of all equipment, and shall waive import duties and taxes on supplies necessary for the session. It shall issue without delay any necessary import and export permits for this purpose.
Article XII
Settlement of disputes
Any dispute between the WMO and the Government concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement that is not settled by negotiation or other agreed mode of settlement shall be referred at the request of either party for final decision to a tribunal of three arbitrators, one to be named by the Secretary-General of WMO, one to be named by the Government and the third, who shall be the chairman, to be chosen by the first two; if either party fails to appoint an arbitrator within 60 days of the appointment by the other party, or if these two arbitrators should fail to agree on the third arbitrator within 60 days of their appointment, the President of the International Court of Justice may make any necessary appointments at the request of either party.
Article XIII
Final provisions
1. This Agreement may be modified by written agreement between the WMO and the Government.
2. This Agreement shall enter into force the next day after receiving an official notification with which the Government informs the WMO that internal procedures, needed for its coming into force, are completed.
SIGNED this 26th day of July 2002 at Ljubljana in two original copies in English.
For the Government of Slovenia
Janez Kopač (s)
For the World Meteorological Organization
G. O. P. Obasi (s)
KER je Vlada Slovenije, v nadaljnjem besedilu “Vlada“, povabila Svetovno meteorološko organizacijo, v nadaljevanju “WMO“, da pripravi trinajsto zasedanje Komisije za agrometeorologijo (CAgM-XIII) v Ljubljani,
sta se WMO in Vlada dogovorili:
I. člen
Datum in kraj zasedanja
Zasedanje bo v Ljubljani od 10. do 18. oktobra 2002.
II. člen
Udeležba na zasedanju
1. Kot je določeno v Konvenciji o WMO in v Splošnih pravilih WMO, lahko na zasedanju sodelujejo predstavniki ali opazovalci:
(a) vseh članic WMO;
(b) narodnoosvobodilnih gibanj, ki jih priznavajo Združeni narodi in Organizacija afriške enotnosti;
(c) držav in ozemelj, ki niso člani WMO;
(d) ustreznih medvladnih in nevladnih mednarodnih organizacij, če so povabljene,
in uradniki sekretariata WMO ter druge osebe, vključno s strokovnjaki, ki jih povabi WMO.
2. Generalni sekretar WMO imenuje uradnike WMO, ki se bodo udeležili zasedanja, da bi sodelovali pri pripravi in izvedbi zasedanja.
III. člen
Prostori, oprema, storitve in material
1. Vlada zagotovi potrebne prostore, vključno s konferenčnimi prostori za uradna in neuradna srečanja, pisarne, delovne prostore in druge pomožne prostore, kot je opredeljeno v Prilogi I k temu sporazumu. Vlada na svoje stroške opremi in vzdržuje vse te prostore in opremo, kot se WMO zdi primerno za učinkovito potekanje zasedanja. Glavna konferenčna dvorana mora biti opremljena s kabinami za simultano tolmačenje v arabskem, kitajskem, angleškem, francoskem, ruskem in španskem jeziku in mora imeti naprave za snemanje zvoka v dveh jezikih (v izvirniku in v angleščini). Prostori morajo biti WMO na voljo 24 ur na dan, in sicer dva dni pred zasedanjem do največ dva dni po končanem zasedanju.
2. Če je to možno, Vlada v konferenčnem območju zagotovi banko, poštni urad, telefonske in telegrafske zveze ter potovalno agencijo.
3. Vlada prevzame stroške vseh potrebnih javnih storitev za sekretariat zasedanja, vključno s krajevnimi telefonskimi pogovori, ter njegovega komuniciranja po teleksu ali telefonu s sedežem WMO, če komuniciranje odobri predstavnik generalnega sekretarja na zasedanju ali se odobri v njegovem imenu, ali uradnik, odgovoren za potek konference.
IV. člen
Vlada zagotovi, da je v hotelih ali nastanitvenih objektih na voljo ustrezna nastanitev po razumnih komercialnih cenah za udeležence ali za osebe, ki prisostvujejo zasedanju, ter za osebje WMO.
V. člen
Zdravstvene zmogljivosti
1. Vlada zagotovi zdravstvene zmogljivosti, ki zadoščajo za prvo pomoč v nujnih primerih.
2. Za resne zdravstvene primere Vlada zagotovi takojšen prevoz in sprejem v bolnišnico.
VI. člen
1. Vlada ob prihodu in odhodu zagotovi prevoz med letališčem Ljubljana, glavnimi hoteli in konferenčnim območjem v Ljubljani za člane sekretariata WMO, ki sodelujejo pri pripravi in izvedbi zasedanja.
2. Vlada za vse udeležence in osebe, ki prisostvujejo zasedanju, zagotovi možnost prevoza med letališčem Ljubljana, glavnimi hoteli in konferenčnim območjem.
3. Vlada zagotovi ustrezno število vozil za službene namene z vozniki za glavne uradnike in za sekretariat zasedanja ter take druge oblike lokalnega prevoza, kot jih zahteva sekretariat v zvezi z zasedanjem.
VII. člen
Varnostni ukrepi
Vlada poskrbi za varnostne ukrepe, ki so potrebni za zagotovitev učinkovitega, varnega in nemotenega poteka zasedanja. Pristojni organi tesno sodelujejo s predstavnikom generalnega sekretarja na zasedanju ali uradnikom, odgovornim za potek konference.
VIII. člen
Lokalno osebje
1. Vlada imenuje uradnika za zvezo, ki je ob posvetovanju z WMO odgovoren za sprejem in izvajanje administrativnih in kadrovskih ukrepov v zvezi z zasedanjem, kot se zahteva po tem sporazumu.
2. Vlada najame in zagotovi ustrezno število lokalnega osebja, kot so pisarniški uslužbenci, osebje za razmnoževanje in razdeljevanje dokumentov, tonski mojstri, hostese, kurirji, čistilci in drugo osebje, potrebno za pravilen potek zasedanja, ter morda nekatere od potrebnih tajnic in strojepisk. Natančne potrebe bo določila WMO po posvetu z Vlado.
IX. člen
Finančne ureditve
1. Vlada poleg finančnih obveznosti iz Priloge I k temu sporazumu v skladu s sklepom Devetega meteorološkega kongresa (odstavek 5.2.4 Splošnega povzetka zasedanja, Skrajšano poročilo Devetega kongresa) krije dejanske dodatne stroške, neposredno ali posredno povezane z zasedanjem v Ljubljani, namesto na sedežu WMO v Ženevi, kot je navedeno v Prilogi II. Ti stroški, ki so začasno ocenjeni na 87 734 švicarskih frankov, vključujejo, vendar niso omejeni le nanje, dejanske potne stroške in povračila, do katerih so upravičeni uradniki WMO, določeni, da pripravijo zasedanje ali se ga udeležijo, ter stroške pošiljanja vse potrebne opreme in materiala. Aranžmaje za potovanje uradnikov WMO, potrebnih za načrtovanje ali izvedbo zasedanja, in za pošiljanje vse potrebne opreme in materiala pripravi sekretariat v skladu s Predpisi in pravili WMO v zvezi z osebjem in z upravno prakso glede standarda potovanja, prevoza prtljage, plačila povečanih dnevnih nadomestil in terminalnih stroškov.
2. Po zasedanju WMO pošlje Vladi podroben obračun s prikazom dejanskih dodatnih stroškov, ki jih je imela WMO, ter zneska, ki ga prevzame Vlada skladno s prvim odstavkom. Ti stroški so izraženi v švicarskih frankih, uporabi pa se uradni menjalni tečaj Združenih narodov na dan izvedbe plačila. Na podlagi tega podrobnega obračuna Vlada WMO nakaže dolžni znesek v enem mesecu od prejema podrobnega obračuna. Podobno velja, da če bi bili končni stroški priprave zasedanja v Ljubljani nižji od stroškov, ki bi nastali, če bi bilo zasedanje na sedežu WMO v Ženevi, bi WMO povrnila razliko Vladi v enem mesecu od ugotovitve končnega obračuna. Opraviti je treba revizijo končnega obračuna, kot je predvideno v Finančnih predpisih WMO, pri končni uskladitvi obračuna pa se upoštevajo vse morebitne pripombe iz revizije, ki jo opravi zunanji revizor WMO, njegove ugotovitve pa WMO in Vlada sprejmeta kot dokončne.
X. člen
Obveznosti in odgovornost
1. Vlada prevzame odgovornost za vse postopke, zahtevke ali druge zahteve zoper WMO ali njene uradnike, ki izhajajo iz:
(a) poškodbe oseb ali poškodovanja ali izgube premoženja v prostorih iz III. člena, ki so pod nadzorom Vlade;
(b) poškodbe oseb ali poškodovanja ali izgube premoženja, ki jo povzroči uporaba ali nastane pri uporabi prevoznih storitev iz VI. člena, ki jih je zagotovila Vlada ali ki so pod njenim nadzorom;
(c) zaposlitve oseb na zasedanju, ki jih zagotovi Vlada v skladu z VIII. členom.
2. Vlada povrne morebitno škodo in oprosti obveznosti WMO in njene uradnike v zvezi z vsakim takim postopkom, zahtevkom ali drugo zahtevo.
3. Ta člen krije le zahtevke, ki nastanejo na podlagi pravice do odškodnine, in ne pripisuje Vladi Slovenije kakršnekoli odgovornosti v zvezi z boleznijo ali nesrečo udeležencev.
XI. člen
Privilegiji in imunitete
1. Glede zasedanja se uporablja Konvencija o privilegijih in imunitetah specializiranih agencij. Predstavniki članic iz odstavka 1(a) II. člena bodo uživali privilegije in imunitete iz V. člena te Konvencije, uradniki WMO iz II. člena, ki bodo opravljali naloge v zvezi z zasedanjem, bodo uživali privilegije in imunitete iz VI. in VIII. člena Konvencije, strokovnjaki, ki bodo opravljali naloge za WMO v zvezi z zasedanjem, pa bodo uživali privilegije in imunitete iz VIII. člena Konvencije.
2. Vse osebe iz II. člena imajo pravico do vstopa v Slovenijo in do zapustitve njenega ozemlja, če ni zadržkov za to na podlagi slovenske zakonodaje, ter se jim omogoči neoviran dostop do konferenčnega območja in z njega. Zajamčene jim bodo olajšave za hitro potovanje. Vizumi in vstopna dovoljenja, če so potrebni, bodo izdani kar najhitreje. Sprejeti bodo tudi ukrepi, da se zagotovi izdaja vizumov za čas trajanja zasedanja ob vstopu v Republiko Slovenijo na mejnih prehodih Karavanke, Šentilj, Fernetiči, Vrtojba, Dolga vas, Hodoš, Gruškovje, Obrežje, Jelšane, letališče Ljubljana – Brnik in letališče Maribor tistim udeležencem, ki jih niso mogli pridobiti pred prihodom. Izstopna dovoljenja, če so potrebna, bodo izdana kar najhitreje.
3. Za namene Konvencije in Splošnih pravil se konferenčni prostori, določeni v prvem odstavku III. člena, štejejo za prostore WMO, dostop vanje pa je v pristojnosti WMO. Prostori so nedotakljivi ves čas zasedanja, vključno s pripravljalno fazo in končanjem.
4. Vse osebe iz II. člena imajo pravico, da ob odhodu iz Slovenije brez omejitev odnesejo vsa neporabljena sredstva, ki so jih prinesle v Slovenijo v zvezi z zasedanjem, in da taka sredstva zamenjajo nazaj v tujo valuto po veljavnem menjalnem tečaju.
5. Vlada dovoli neobdavčeni in brezcarinski začasni uvoz vse opreme in oprosti uvoz materiala, potrebnega za zasedanje, vseh carin in dajatev. V ta namen takoj izda vsa potrebna uvozna in izvozna dovoljenja.
XII. člen
Reševanje sporov
Vsak spor med WMO in Vlado v zvezi z razlago ali uporabo tega sporazuma, ki se ne reši s pogajanji ali drugim dogovorjenim načinom reševanja, se na zahtevo ene ali druge pogodbenice predloži v dokončno odločitev arbitražnemu sodišču, sestavljenemu iz treh razsodnikov; enega imenuje generalni sekretar WMO, drugega Vlada, tretjega razsodnika, ki je predsednik, pa izbereta prva dva. Če ena od pogodbenic ne imenuje razsodnika v 60 dneh od imenovanja razsodnika druge pogodbenice ali če se prva dva razsodnika ne dogovorita o izbiri tretjega v 60 dneh od svojega imenovanja, lahko na zahtevo ene ali druge pogodbenice potrebna imenovanja opravi predsednik Meddržavnega sodišča.
XIII. člen
Končne določbe
1. Ta sporazum se lahko spremeni s pisnim dogovorom med WMO in Vlado.
2. Ta sporazum začne veljati naslednji dan po prejemu uradnega obvestila, s katerim Vlada obvesti WMO, da so končani notranji postopki, potrebni za njegovo uveljavitev.
PODPISANO dne 28. julija 2002 v Ljubljani v dveh izvirnikih v angleškem jeziku.
Za Vlado Slovenije
Janez Kopač l. r.
Za Svetovno meteorološko organizacijo
G. O. P. Obasi l. r.
generalni sekretar
3. člen
Za izvajanje sporazuma skrbi Ministrstvo za okolje, prostor in energijo.
4. člen
Ta uredba začne veljati naslednji dan po objavi v Uradnem listu Republike Slovenije – Mednarodne pogodbe.
Št. 920-01/2002-2
Ljubljana, 8. oktober 2002
Vlada Republike Slovenije
dr. Janez Drnovšek l. r.
* Prilogi I in II sta na vpogled v Sektorju za mednarodnopravne zadeve Ministrstva za zunanje zadeve.

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