Uradni list

Številka 34
Uradni list RS, št. 34/1999 z dne 10. 5. 1999
Uradni list

Uradni list RS, št. 34/1999 z dne 10. 5. 1999


42. Zakon o ratifikaciji Garancijske pogodbe med Republiko Slovenijo in Evropsko investicijsko banko za projekt slovenskih avtocest/II (MGPEIBSA), stran 557.

Na podlagi druge alinee prvega odstavka 107. člena in prvega odstavka 91. člena Ustave Republike Slovenije izdajam
Razglašam Zakon o ratifikaciji Garancijske pogodbe med Republiko Slovenijo in Evropsko investicijsko banko za projekt slovenskih avtocest/II (MGPEIBSA), ki ga je sprejel Državni zbor Republike Slovenije na seji 22. aprila 1999.
Št. 001-22-62/99
Ljubljana, dne 30. aprila 1999
Republike Slovenije
Milan Kučan l. r.
1. člen
Ratificira se Garancijska pogodba med Republiko Slovenijo in Evropsko investicijsko banko za projekt slovenskih avtocest/II, sklenjena dne 17. junija 1998 v Luksemburgu.
2. člen
Garancijska pogodba se v angleškem izvirniku in slovenskem prevodu glasi:
Ljubljana, 11th June 1998
Luxembourg, 17th June 1998
This agreement is made between:
The Republic of Slovenia, represented by Mr Valter Reščič, State Secretary,
hereinafter called: “THE GUARANTOR”,
of the first part, and
European Investment Bank having its Head Office at 100, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Grand – Duchy of Luxembourg, represented by Mr Fridolin Weber-Krebs, Director General, and Mr Alessandro Morbilli, Director General,
hereinafter called: “THE BANK”,
of the second part.
– The Council of the European Union, pursuant to Council Decision 97/256/EC of 14 April 1997, invited THE BANK to propose a substantial pre-accession support facility.
– The Board of Governors of THE BANK has taken note of this decision and authorised on 26 January 1998 the granting of loans from its own resources to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe which have applied to the European Union.
– Pursuant to the “Framework Agreement between the Republic of Slovenia and European Investment Bank governing EIB activites in Slovenia” signed by the Republic of Slovenia on 1 December 1997 and by the Bank on 15 December 1997 (hereinafter referred to as the “Framework Agreement”), the government of the Republic of Slovenia has acknowledged that the financing under this Finance Contract falls within the scope of application of the Framework Agreement.
– THE BANK has been requested to grant credit to Druzba za avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji (DARS) d.d., a public company wholly owned by the Republic of Slovenia and incorporated with limited liability under Slovene law (hereinafter called “THE BORROWER”) for the purpose of financing a project (hereinafter called “THE PROJECT”) comprising the construction of 20.2 km of motorways on the section Sentjakob – Blagovica along the Slovenian East-West road corridor (E57) which is included in the priority corridors of the Trans-European Road Networks for Central and Eastern Europe, as more particularly described in the Technical Description set out in Schedule A of the FINANCE CONTRACT defined below.
– By an agreement (hereinafter called “THE FINANCE CONTRACT”) dated 5 March 1998 and made between THE BANK and THE BORROWER, THE BANK has agreed to establish in favour of THE BORROWER a credit in an amount equivalent to ECU 130 000 000 (one hundred and thirty million ecus).
– The obligations of THE BANK under THE FINANCE CONTRACT are conditional upon the prior or simultaneous execution and delivery by the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter called “THE GUARANTOR”) of a guarantee of performance by THE BORROWER of its financial obligations under THE FINANCE CONTRACT and the delivery of a favourable legal opinion thereon.
– The Attorney-General of THE GUARANTOR will issue an opinion in the form satisfactory to THE BANK.
– THE GUARANTOR hereby acknowledges that the financing under THE FINANCE CONTRACT falls within the scope of the application of the Framework Agreement.
– Mr. Valter Reščič, State Secretary, is duly authorised in the form set out in Annex I to sign this agreement (hereinafter called “the Guarantee Agreement”) on behalf of THE GUARANTOR.
– Execution of this Guarantee Agreement has been authorised by the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia (Annex II).
NOW THEREFORE it is hereby agreed as follows:
Finance Contract
1.01 THE GUARANTOR declares that it is well acquainted with the terms, conditions and clauses of THE FINANCE CONTRACT, a true copy of which as signed by the parties, is delivered to THE GUARANTOR by THE BANK.
Undertakings by THE GUARANTOR
2.01 THE GUARANTOR, as primary obligor and not merely as surety, guarantees entirely the full and punctual performance of all the monetary obligations of THE BORROWER to THE BANK under THE FINANCE CONTRACT, including all payments of interest without any limitation, commissions, incidental charges and other expenses and all the sums being due by THE BORROWER to THE BANK under any provision of THE FINANCE CONTRACT, when the guarantee is enforced.
2.02 If THE GUARANTOR should hereafter grant to any third party security for the performance of any of its external debt obligations or any preference or priority in respect thereof, THE GUARANTOR shall so inform THE BANK and shall, if so required by THE BANK, provide to THE BANK equivalent security for the performance of its obligations hereunder or grant to THE BANK equivalent preference or priority. THE GUARANTOR represents that no such security, preference or priority presently exists.
Nothing in this Article 2.02 shall apply to any vendor’s lien or to any charge which secures only the purchase price of any land or goods.
2.03 THE GUARANTOR undertakes:
a) to take all necessary measures to ensure the timely completion of THE PROJECT;
b) to furnish information on legislation or regulatory framework affecting THE BORROWER which may have an impact on the implementation of THE PROJECT;
c) to ensure that THE BORROWER will undertake to purchase goods, procure services and works for THE PROJECT, so far as appropriate and to the satisfaction of THE BANK, by international tender open on equal terms to nationals of all countries. However, exporters of goods that are, at the date of the award of the tender, the object of definitive anti-dumping duties imposed by the Council of the European Union shall normally be excluded from the award of the tender to the extent that the tender concerns such goods.
Enforcement of guarantee
3.01 Demand may be made under this Agreement as soon as THE BORROWER has not performed all or part of the obligations guaranteed pursuant to Article 2 of this Agreement.
3.02 THE GUARANTOR hereby waives irrevocably any objection or exception in law to the total or partial enforcement of this guarantee. It undertakes to perform its obligations upon request in writing or by telegram by THE BANK whenever demand is made and to pay the sums due without any limitation, retention or condition, without THE BANK having to furnish any special evidence in support of its request other than the reason for the demand under this guarantee. In particular, THE BANK is not bound to prove that it has taken any action against THE BORROWER; it is not obliged, prior to the enforcement of this guarantee, to realise securities or to enforce any other security that THE BORROWER or a third party may have constituted.
3.03 The payment by THE GUARANTOR shall fall due on the fifteenth day following that on which demand is made.
3.04 In the event of THE BANK making demand, the GUARANTOR shall have the right to discharge immediately, under the conditions set out in THE FINANCE CONTRACT, all the monetary obligations of THE BORROWER under THE FINANCE CONTRACT which are still outstanding at the time of such discharge.
4.01 When THE GUARANTOR has made a payment to THE BANK, it is subrogated, to the extent of such payment, to the rights and actions relating to the said payment that THE BANK has against THE BORROWER; this right of subrogation shall not be invoked to the detriment of THE BANK.
5.01 THE BANK shall inform THE GUARANTOR of any fact or event of which it becomes aware which is likely to jeopardise the payment or repayment by THE BORROWER of the sums hereby guaranteed : provided however that THE BANK is not bound to seek any such information and shall incur no liability by reason of this provision.
5.02 THE GUARANTOR shall inform THE BANK forthwith of any fact or event likely to jeopardise the performance of its obligations under this Agreement.
5.03 THE GUARANTOR shall inform THE BANK of any security given to a third party for the purpose of Article 2.02.
5.04 THE GUARANTOR will deliver, immediately upon the entry into force of the instrument of ratification by the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia, evidence satisfactory to THE BANK that the Guarantee Agreement has entered into effect.
Modification of the FINANCE CONTRACT
6.01 THE BANK shall inform THE GUARANTOR of changes, which do not increase the obligations of THE GUARANTOR, made to the FINANCE CONTRACT by THE BANK for the purpose of improving or strengthening the position of THE BANK towards THE BORROWER.
THE BANK shall have the right to grant to THE BORROWER extensions of time of up to three months in respect of each repayment of principal or payment of interest and any other incidental expenses as it sees fit, without being bound to submit its decision to THE GUARANTOR.
Any modifications in THE FINANCE CONTRACT other than those referred to in the above paragraphs of this Article 6 shall be submitted for approval to THE GUARANTOR. The latter may refuse its approval only if the proposed modifications are likely to be prejudicial to it in its capacity as guarantor.
Taxes, Charges and Expenses
7.01 Taxes or fiscal charges, legal costs and other expenses incurred in the execution or implementation of this Guarantee Agreement shall be borne by THE GUARANTOR. THE GUARANTOR shall make payments hereunder without withholding or deduction on account of tax or fiscal charges.
Legal regime of the Agreement
8.01 Applicable Law
The legal relations between the parties to this Agreement, its formation and validity shall be governed by the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
8.02 Performance
The place of performance of this Agreement is the head office of THE BANK.
8.03 Jurisdiction
The parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Communities and all disputes concerning the Guarantee Agreement shall be submitted to such court.
The decision of the Court of Justice of the European Communities shall be conclusive and shall be accepted as such by the parties without restriction or reservation.
8.04 Waiver
The parties hereto agree that this Guarantee Agreement is of a commercial nature and hereby undertake to waive any immunities which they may now or hereafter enjoy in any country from the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Communities.
8.05 Evidence of Sums due
In any legal action arising out of this Guarantee Agreement the certificate of THE BANK as to any amount due to THE BANK under this Guarantee Agreement shall be prima facie evidence of such amount.
8.06 Entry into effect
This Agreement shall enter into effect upon the entry into force of the instrument of ratification by the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia.
Final Clauses
9.01 Notices
Notices and other communications given hereunder shall be sent to the respective address set out below except that notices to THE GUARANTOR relating to litigation whether pending or threatened shall be sent to the address mentioned under 2) below where THE GUARANTOR elects domicile:
– for THE GUARANTOR: 1)    Ministry of Finance
                           Zupanciceva, 3
                           1502 Ljubljana
                     2)    Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia
                           179, Avenue Louise
                           B – 1050 Bruxelles
– for THE BANK:    100 Boulevard Konrad Adenauer
                   L-2950 Luxembourg-Kirchberg.
Each party may, by notice to the other, change its addresses as set out above, provided that the address in 2) above may only be changed to another address within the European Community.
9.02 Form of Notice
Notices and other communications, for which fixed periods are laid down in this Contract or which themselves fix periods binding on the addressee, shall be served by hand delivery, registered letter, telegram, telex, confirmed fax or any other means of transmission which affords evidence of receipt by the addressee. The date of registration or, as the case may be, the stated date of receipt of transmission shall be conclusive for the determination of a period.
9.03 Recitals, Schedule and Annexes
The Recitals and Schedule A (Definition of the ecu) form part of this Guarantee Agreement.
The following Annexes are attached hereto:
Annex I   –  Authority of Signatory
Annex II  –  Resolution of the Parliament
             of the Republic of Slovenia
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed in three originals in the English language.
This Guarantee Agreement has been initialled on behalf of the GUARANTOR by Mrs Meta Bole, State Undersecretary and on behalf of THE BANK by Mr Eric Gällstad, Counsel.
Ljubljana, 11 June 1998
Signed for and on behalf of
V. Reščič (s)
Luxembourg, 17 June 1998
Signed for and on behalf of
F. Weber-Krebs (s)
A. Morbilli (s)
The ecu is the same as the ecu that is used as the unit of account of the European Communities, and which is at present comprised of the specific amounts of the currencies of 12 of the Member States of the European Community shown below.
Pursuant to Council Regulation (EC) No. 3320/94 of 22nd December 1994, the composition of the ecu basket is as follows:
German mark       :       0.6242
pound Sterling    :      0.08784
French franc:     :        1.332
Italian lira      :        151.8
Dutch guilder     :       0.2198
Belgian franc     :        3.301
Luxembourg franc  :        0.130
Danish krone      :       0.1976
Irish pound       :     0.008552
Greek drachma     :        1.440
Spanish peseta    :        6.885
Portuguese escudo :        1.393
Changes to the ecu may be made by the European Communities, in which event references to the ecu shall be read accordingly (see Information).
If THE BANK should consider that the ecu (see Payment in Euros and Information, hereafter) has ceased to be used as the unit of account of the European Communities and as the single currency of the European Union, it shall so notify THE BORROWER. As from the date of such notification, the ecu shall be replaced by the currencies of which it was comprised – or their countervalue in one or more of those currencies – as at the time of its most recent use as the unit of account of the European Communities.
Payment in Euros
Upon substitution of the ecu by the Euro, all payments due in ecus under this Contract shall be made in Euros at the rate of one Euro for one ecu. The substitution of the ecu by the Euro shall not have the effect of bringing about the payment in component currencies referred to in the preceding paragraph.
Article 109G of the EC Treaty, as introduced by the Treaty on European Union, provides that the currency composition of the ecu basket shall not be changed. From the start of the third stage of European economic and monetary union, the value of the ecu as against the currencies of the Member States participating in the third stage will be irrevocably fixed and the ecu will become a currency in its own right.
The European Council at the Madrid Summit in December 1995 decided that the name of that new currency will be the Euro. Consequently, references to the ecu shall apply to the Euro. In the case of contracts denominated by reference to the official ecu basket of the European Community, in accordance with the Treaty as confirmed by the European Council at the Madrid Summit in December 1995 and implemented by Council Regulation (EC) No. 1103/97 of 17th June 1997, substitution of the ecu by the Euro will be made at the rate of one to one.
Ljubljana, 11. junij 1998
Luksemburg, 17. junij 1998
Ta pogodba se sklene med:
Republiko Slovenijo, ki jo zastopa g. Valter Reščič, državni sekretar,
v nadaljevanju imenovano: “GARANT”,
na eni strani in
Evropsko investicijsko banko z glavnim sedežem na 100, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, Luxembourg-Kirchberg, Veliko vojvodstvo Luksemburg, ki jo zastopata g. Fridolin Weber-Krebs, generalni direktor, in g. Alessandro Morbilli, generalni direktor,
v nadaljevanju imenovano: “BANKA”,
na drugi strani.
Glede na to:
– da je Svet Evropske unije na podlagi Odločbe Sveta 97/256/ES z dne 14. aprila 1997 povabil BANKO, da predlaga znatno pred-pristopno posojilno pomoč;
– da je Odbor guvernerjev Banke upošteval to odločbo in 26. januarja 1998 odobril dodelitev posojil iz svojih lastnih finančnih sredstev državam Srednje in Vzhodne Evrope, ki so zaprosile za vstop v Evropsko unijo;
– da je na podlagi “Okvirnega sporazuma med Republiko Slovenijo in Evropsko investicijsko banko o dejavnostih EIB v Sloveniji”, ki ga je Republika Slovenija podpisala 1. decembra 1997 in Banka 15. decembra 1997 (v nadaljevanju Okvirni sporazum), vlada Republike Slovenije potrdila, da financiranje po tej Finančni pogodbi spada v področje uporabe Okvirnega sporazuma;
– da je bila BANKA zaprošena, da Družbi za avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji (DARS) d. d., javni družbi v popolni lasti Republike Slovenije in ustanovljeni z omejeno odgovornostjo po slovenskem pravu (v nadaljevanju POSOJILOJEMALEC), odobri kredit za financiranje projekta (v nadaljevanju PROJEKT), ki obsega gradnjo 20,2 km avtoceste na odseku Šentjakob–Blagovica na slovenskem cestnem koridorju vzhod–zahod (E 57), ki je vključen med prednostne koridorje transevropskega cestnega omrežja za Srednjo in Vzhodno Evropo, kot je to natančneje opisano v Tehničnem opisu, navedenem v Prilogi A spodaj opredeljene FINANČNE POGODBE;
– da se je s pogodbo (v nadaljevanju FINANČNA POGODBA) z dne 5. marca 1998, sklenjeno med BANKO in POSOJILOJEMALCEM, BANKA strinjala, da odobri v korist POSOJILOJEMALCA kredit v znesku, enakem 130,000.000 ECU (sto trideset milijonov ekujev);
– da so obveznosti BANKE po FINANČNI POGODBI pogojene s tem, da Republika Slovenija predhodno ali hkrati podpiše in predloži garancijo za ustrezno izpolnjevanje finančnih obveznosti POSOJILOJEMALCA po FINANČNI POGODBI in ugodno pravno mnenje o tem;
– da bo GARANTOV generalni državni pravobranilec izdal mnenje v obliki, ki je sprejemljiva za BANKO;
– da GARANT potrjuje, da financiranje po FINANČNI POGODBI spada v področje uporabe Okvirnega sporazuma;
– da je g. Valter Reščič, državni sekretar, pravilno pooblaščen v obliki iz Priloge I, da v imenu GARANTA podpiše to pogodbo (v nadaljevanju Garancijska pogodba);
– da je sklenitev te Garancijske pogodbe odobril parlament Republike Slovenije (Priloga II),
je dogovorjeno naslednje:
1. člen
Finančna pogodba
1.01 GARANT izjavlja, da je dobro seznanjen s pogoji in določili FINANČNE POGODBE, katere verodostojen izvod, tak kot sta ga pogodbenici podpisali, je BANKA dostavila GARANTU.
2. člen
Obveznosti GARANTA
2.01 GARANT kot prvi zavezanec in ne le kot porok ob uveljavljanju garancije v celoti jamči za popolno in pravočasno izpolnjevanje vseh denarnih obveznosti POSOJILOJEMALCA do BANKE po FINANČNI POGODBI skupaj z vsemi plačili obresti, brez vsakršnih omejitev, provizij, nepredvidenih stroškov in drugih izdatkov, in vseh zneskov, ki jih POSOJILOJEMALEC dolguje BANKI na podlagi določb FINANČNE POGODBE.
2.02 Če bi naknadno kaki tretji strani zagotovil jamstvo za izpolnitev kakšnih njenih obveznosti v zvezi z zunanjim dolgom ali s tem povezano ugodnejšo ali prednostno obravnavo, bo GARANT o tem obvestil BANKO in bo, če BANKA tako zahteva, BANKI dal enakovredno jamstvo za izpolnjevanje svojih obveznosti po tej pogodbi ali ji zagotovil ugodnejšo ali prednostno obravnavo, ki bo enakovredna. GARANT izjavlja, da trenutno ne obstaja nobeno tako jamstvo ali ugodnejša ali prednostna obravnava.
Člen 2.02 se ne nanaša na zavarovanje katerihkoli prodajalčevih terjatev ali katerihkoli obremenitev, s katerimi se zavaruje zgolj nabavna cena zemljišča ali blaga.
2.03 GARANT se obvezuje:
a) da bo sprejel vse potrebne ukrepe za zagotovitev pravočasnega dokončanja PROJEKTA;
b) da bo priskrbel informacije o zakonodaji oziroma pravnem okviru, ki zadevata POSOJILOJEMALCA in bi lahko vplivala na izvedbo PROJEKTA.
c) da bo zagotovil, da bo POSOJILOJEMALEC nabavil blago, zagotovil storitve in dela za PROJEKT, če je to primerno in sprejemljivo za BANKO, z mednarodnim razpisom, odprtim pod enakimi pogoji za državljane vseh držav. Vendar pa se izvozniki blaga, ki je na datum dodelitve pogodbe po razpisu predmet definitivnih protidumpinških dajatev, ki jih je uvedel Svet Evropske unije, normalno izključijo iz dodelitve pogodbe po razpisu, če tak razpis zadeva takšno blago.
3. člen
Uveljavitev garancije
3.01 Zahtevek na podlagi te pogodbe je mogoče dati, kakor hitro POSOJILOJEMALEC ne izpolni vseh obveznosti ali dela obveznosti, za katere velja garancija v skladu z 2. členom te pogodbe.
3.02 GARANT se nepreklicno odreka vsakršnemu ugovoru ali zakonskim izjemam v zvezi s popolnim ali delnim uveljavljanjem te garancije. Obvezuje se, da bo na pisno ali telegramsko zahtevo BANKE izpolnjeval svoje obveznosti ob vsakem zahtevku in plačeval zapadle zneske brez vsakršnih omejitev, zadrževanj ali pogojev, ne da bi bilo BANKI treba priskrbeti kaka druga posebna dokazila v podporo njenemu zahtevku razen razloga za zahtevek, ki izhaja iz te garancije. Še posebej BANKA ni dolžna dokazovati, da je sprožila kak postopek proti POSOJILOJEMALCU; pred uveljavljanjem te garancije ni dolžna uveljavljati zavarovanja ali kakega drugega jamstva, ki jih je morebiti zagotovil POSOJILOJEMALEC ali kaka tretja stran.
3.03 GARANTOVO plačilo zapade petnajsti dan po datumu zahtevka.
3.04 Če BANKA poda zahtevek, ima GARANT pravico pod pogoji, ki so navedeni v FINANČNI POGODBI, takoj poravnati vse denarne obveznosti POSOJILOJEMALCA po FINANČNI POGODBI, ki so ob taki poravnavi še neplačane.
4. člen
Subrogacija (prenos pravic)
4.01 Ko GARANT izvrši BANKI plačilo, prevzame nase v obsegu takega plačila pravice in sodne postopke, ki jih ima BANKA proti POSOJILOJEMALCU v zvezi s tem plačilom; na pravico do subrogacije se ni mogoče sklicevati v škodo BANKE.
5. člen
5.01 BANKA obvesti GARANTA o vsakem dejstvu ali dogodku, s katerim bo seznanjena in ki bi lahko ogrozil POSOJILOJEMALČEVO plačilo ali odplačilo zneskov, za katere velja garancija po tej pogodbi, ni pa dolžna iskati takih podatkov in na podlagi te določbe ne nosi nobene odgovornosti.
5.02 GARANT bo takoj obvesti BANKO o vsakem dejstvu ali dogodku, ki bi lahko ogrozil izpolnjevanje njegovih obveznosti po tej pogodbi.
5.03 GARANT obvesti BANKO o vsakem jamstvu, ki bi ga dal kaki tretji strani z namenom, ki je naveden v členu 2.02.
5.04 GARANT bo takoj po začetku veljavnosti akta o ratifikaciji s strani parlamenta Republike Slovenije izročil za BANKO sprejemljiv dokaz, da je Garancijska pogodba začela veljati;
6. člen
6.01 BANKA obvesti GARANTA o spremembah, ki ne povečujejo obveznosti GARANTA in jih bo BANKA opravila v FINANČNI POGODBI zaradi izboljšanja oziroma okrepitve položaja BANKE v odnosu do POSOJILOJEMALCA.
BANKA ima pravico, da POSOJILOJEMALCU na njej ustrezen način odobri do trimesečno podaljšanje roka za vsako odplačilo glavnice ali plačilo obresti in drugih nepredvidenih stroškov, ne da bi bila dolžna tako svojo odločitev predložiti GARANTU.
Razen sprememb iz predhodnih odstavkov tega člena je treba vse druge spremembe v FINANČNI POGODBI predložiti v odobritev GARANTU. Ta lahko svojo odobritev odreče samo, če bi predlagane spremembe škodljivo vplivale nanj kot GARANTA.
7. člen
Davki in druge dajatve ter stroški
7.01 Davki in druge dajatve, sodni stroški in drugi stroški, ki nastanejo pri sklepanju ali izvajanju te garancijske pogodbe, bremenijo GARANTA. GARANT bo plačila po tej pogodbi opravljal brez vsakršnega odbitka ali zmanjšanja zaradi davkov ali drugih dajatev.
8. člen
Pravni režim pogodbe
8.01 Veljavno pravo
Pravna razmerja med pogodbenicama, oblikovanje in veljavnost te pogodbe ureja zakonodaja Velikega vojvodstva Luksemburg.
8.02 Izpolnitveni kraj
Kraj izpolnitve te pogodbe je sedež BANKE.
8.03 Sodna pristojnost
Ker je za pogodbenici sodno pristojno izključno Sodišče Evropskih skupnosti, je treba vse spore v zvezi z Garancijsko pogodbo predložiti temu sodišču.
Odločba Sodišča Evropskih skupnosti je dokončna in jo bosta kot tako pogodbenici sprejeli brez vsakršnih omejitev ali zadržkov.
8.04 Odrekanje pravicam
Pogodbenici soglašata, da je ta garancijska pogodba komercialne narave, in se obvezujeta, da se bosta odpovedali vsem morebitnim imunitetam, ki jih zdaj uživata ali bi jih lahko uživali v prihodnje v kateri koli državi v zvezi s sodno pristojnostjo Sodišča Evropskih skupnosti.
8.05 Dokazila o dolgovanih vsotah
V kateremkoli sodnem postopku v zvezi s to garancijsko pogodbo bo potrdilo BANKE o kakem znesku, dolgovanem BANKI po tej garancijski pogodbi, dokaz prima facie o takem znesku.
8.06 Začetek veljavnosti
Ta pogodba začne veljati, ko začne veljati akt o ratifikaciji s strani parlamenta Republike Slovenije.
9. člen
Končne določbe
9.01 Obvestila
Obvestila in druga sporočila po tej pogodbi je treba poslati na ustrezen naslov, ki je naveden v nadaljevanju, izjema pa so obvestila za GARANTA v zvezi s sodnimi spori, ki so bodisi v teku ali grozijo, saj jih je treba poslati na naslov, naveden v spodnji točki 2), ki si ga je GARANT izbral za svoj domicil:
– za GARANTA: 1)    Ministrstvo za finance
                    Župančičeva 3
                    1502 Ljubljana
              2)    Veleposlaništvo Republike
                    179, Avenue Louise
                    B - 1050 Bruselj
– za BANKO:    100 Boulevard Konrad Adenauer
               L-2950 Luxembourg-Kirchberg.
Vsaka pogodbenica lahko z obvestilom drugi pogodbenici spremeni svoj zgornji naslov, vendar pa je mogoče naslov pod točko 2) zamenjati samo z naslovom v okviru Evropske skupnosti.
9.02 Oblika obvestil
Obvestila in druga sporočila, za katera so predvideni po tej pogodbi ali v njih samih fiksni roki, ki so za naslovljenca obvezujoči, je treba vročiti osebno ali posredovati s priporočenim pismom, telegramom, teleksom, potrjenim telefaksom ali kakim drugim sredstvom obveščanja, ki omogoča dokazovanje prejema s strani naslovljenca. Datum priporočenega sporočila oziroma navedeni datum prejema oddanega sporočila bosta odločilna pri določanju takega roka.
9.03 Uvodne navedbe, priloga in dodatki
Uvodne navedbe in Priloga A (Opredelitev ekuja) so sestavni deli te garancijske pogodbe.
Pogodbi sta priloženi naslednji prilogi:
Priloga I    –   Pooblastilo podpisnika
Priloga II   –   Sklep parlamenta Republike
V POTRDITEV NAVEDENEGA sta pogodbenici sklenili to pogodbo v treh izvirnikih v angleškem jeziku.
To garancijsko pogodbo sta parafirala v imenu GARANTA ga. Meta Bole, državna podsekretarka in v imenu BANKE g. Eric Gaellstad, pravni zastopnik.
Ljubljana, 11. junij 1998
Za in v imenu
V. Reščič l. r.
Luksemburg, 17. junij 1998
Za in v imenu
F. Weber-Krebs l. r.
A. Morbilli l. r.
Opredelitev EKUJA
Eku je enak ekuju, ki se uporablja kot obračunska enota Evropskih skupnosti, pri čemer je ta sedaj sestavljena iz spodaj navedenih specifičnih zneskov valut 12 držav članic Evropske skupnosti.
V skladu z uredbo Sveta (ES) št. 3320/94 z dne 22. decembra 1994 je eku opredeljen kot košarica naslednjih zneskov:
nemška marka          :       0,6242
funt šterling         :      0,08784
francoski frank       :        1,332
italijanska lira      :        151,8
nizozemski gulden     :       0,2198
belgijski frank       :        3,301
luksemburški frank    :        0,130
danska krona          :       0,1976
irski funt            :     0,008552
grška drahma          :        1,440
španska pezeta        :        6,885
portugalski eskudo    :        1,393
Spremembe ekuja, ki jih lahko opravijo Evropske skupnosti, se smiselno uporabijo za vse tisto, kar se tu nanaša na eku (glej Informacije).
Če bi BANKA menila, da se bo eku prenehal uporabljati kot obračunska enota Evropskih skupnosti in enotna valuta Evropske unije (glej Plačila v evrih in Informacije), o tem obvesti POSOJILOJEMALCA. Z dnem takega obvestila bo eku nadomeščen z valutami, iz katerih je bil sestavljen - ali njihovo protivrednostjo v eni ali več teh valut - ko se je nazadnje uporabljal kot obračunska enota Evropskih skupnosti.
Plačila v evrih
Z nadomestitvijo ekuja z evrom bodo vsa zapadla plačila v ekujih iz te pogodbe opravljena v evrih po tečaju 1 evro za 1 eku. Nadomestitev ekuja z evrom ne bo povzročila zahteve po plačilu v sestavnih valutah, navedenih v predhodnem odstavku.
Člen 109G Pogodbe o ES, kot je spremenjen s Pogodbo o Evropski uniji, določa, da se valutna sestava košarice ekuja ne spreminja. Z začetkom tretje faze Evropske gospodarske in denarne unije bo vrednost ekuja do valut držav članic, ki so udeležene v tretji fazi, nepreklicno določena, eku pa bo postal samostojna valuta.
Evropski svet je na srečanju na vrhu v Madridu decembra 1995 odločil, da se bo nova valuta imenovala evro. Posledično se bo vse tisto, kar se nanaša na eku, nanašalo na evro. V primeru sklenjenih pogodb, denominiranih v ekujih, katerih vrednost je opredeljena z uradno košarico Evropske skupnosti, bo v skladu s Pogodbo, kot je bilo potrjeno s strani Evropskega sveta na srečanju na vrhu v Madridu decembra 1995 in izvršeno z uredbo Sveta (ES) št. 1103/97 z dne 17. junija 1997, nadomestitev ekuja z evrom opravljena po tečaju ena proti ena.
3. člen
Za izvajanje te garancijske pogodbe skrbi Ministrstvo za finance.
4. člen
Ta zakon začne veljati naslednji dan po objavi v Uradnem listu Republike Slovenije – Mednarodne pogodbe.
Št. 440-03/99-89/1
Ljubljana, dne 22. aprila 1999
Državnega zbora
Republike Slovenije
Janez Podobnik, dr. med. l. r.

AAA Zlata odličnost

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